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  1. New Spring
  2. The Eye of the World
  3. The Great Hunt
  4. The Dragon Reborn
  5. The Shadow Rising
  6. The Fires of Heaven
  7. Lord of Chaos
  8. A Crown of Swords
  9. The Path of Daggers
  10. Winter's Heart
  11. Crossroads of Twilight
  12. Knife of Dreams
  13. The Gathering Storm
Westland calendar Gregorian day Chapter # Event description Lunar phase
? ? ACOS 15 Mili Skane is born in a village near Whitebridge.
Aine ? Mar ? TSR 34 Shaiel, one of the Aiel Maidens of the Spear hunting King Laman, discovers that she is pregnant. Against Aiel law her husband and chief, Janduin, allows her to continue to fight.
Adar ? April ? TEOTW 7 Lem Thane is born in Emond's Field.
Nesan 16 Nov 11 TWORJTWOT The Grand Alliance meets for the first time, in response to the Aiel threat.
Nesan 21 Nov 16 NS 5 Sedrin, son of Lady Meri do Ahlan a'Conlin of Murandy, is born near Tar Valon. Ellya, daughter of Careme Mowly, is born near Tar Valon.
Nesan 27 Nov 22 TWORJTWOT/TEOTW 44 The Battle of the Shining Walls begins when the Grand Alliance attacks the Aiel, who are laying siege to Tar Valon. al'Lan Mandragoran leads a contingent of Kandori, Saldaean and Domani soldiers against the Aiel.
Nesan 28 Nov 23 TWORJTWOT Danshu. The second day of the Battle of the Shining Walls.
Danu ? Nov ? TEOTW 7 Perrin Aybara, son of Con Aybara and Joslyn Aybara, is born at his family's farm near the Waterwood, outside of Emond's Field. Matrim Cauthon, son of Abell Cauthon and Natti Cauthon, is born in Emond's Field.
Danu 1 Nov 24 TWORJTWOT King Laman, and Lord Aranvor Naldwinn are killed during the third day of the Battle of the Shining Walls. Laman's death marks the end of the Aiel War, and the Aiel begin their trek back to the Waste the next day.
Book 0: New Spring
Danu 2 Nov 25 NS 1 As the Aiel march east, Lord Emares contacts Lan and arranges for his forces to help set a trap at a ridgeline known as the Hook, for what he believes are a few hundred Aiel. The force of over two thousand Aiel, heading towards Lan, abruptly halts. Aware of Lan's presence, the Aiel alter course to move around the ridgeline and avoid combat.
NS 2 As most of the Aes Sedai attend to the survivors of the attack against Tar Valon, Gitara Moroso, the Keeper of the Chronicles to Amyrlin Tamra Ospenya, Foretells the birth of the Dragon Reborn on the slopes of Dragonmount. She dies immediately afterwards in the arms of Moiraine Damodred, one of two Accepted present during the Foretelling. Moiraine and Siuan Sanche are sworn to secrecy by the Amyrlin.
TEOTW 6/TGH 7 Shaiel gives birth to a son on the slopes of Dragonmount during the Battle of the Shining Walls, but dies shortly after. The infant is then found by Tam al'Thor, Second Captain of the Illianer Companions, who later returns with the child to Emond's Field. Tam and his wife, Kari al'Thor, name the infant Rand and raise him as their own son.
NS 3 The Amyrlin Seat announces that Tar Valon is to dispense a bounty of one hundred gold crowns to all women who have given birth since the first soldiers arrived to defend Tar Valon. The bounty covers those within Tar Valon, as well as those accompanying the forces of the Grand Alliance encamped around the city. All Accepted in the White Tower are tasked with collecting and recording this information. Bili, son of Willa Mandair, is born.
NS 4 Moiraine and Siuan, accompanied by four Tower Guards, leave Tar Valon and pass through the village of Alindaer.
NS 5 After collecting names at a Murandian camp six miles from the city all day, Moiraine and Siuan return to Tar Valon. Moiraine learns of the deaths of three uncles, King Laman and his brothers Moressin Damodred and Aldecain Damodred. She is excused from further work collecting names.
Danu 3 Nov 26 NS 6 Merean Redhill, the Mistress of Novices, informs Moiraine and Siuan that they are to be tasked with recopying the information collected the previous day. Rahien, son of Lady Ines of Kandor, is born in a farmhouse two miles from Dragonmount.
Danu 4 Nov 27 NS 6 On their second day of recopying information, Moiraine and Siuan begin to secretly make their own copies of the records, limiting themselves to male infants born after Gitara's Foretelling and near Dragonmount. Moiraine becomes aware of the White Tower's intention to place her on the Sun Throne of Cairhien.
Danu 5 Nov 28 NS 7 Moiraine figures out that the Amyrlin is quietly gathering a small number of experienced Aes Sedai to search for the Dragon Reborn. The five that she is aware of are Kerene Nagashi, Aisha Raveneos, Valera Gorovni, Ludice Daneen and Meilyn Arganya.
Danu 6 Nov 29 NS 7 Aeldra Najaf is raised to Keeper of the Chronicles.
Danu 8 Dec 1 NS 8 In preparation for Moiraine and Siuan taking the test to become Aes Sedai, Elaida helps them to practice concentrating while weaving flows of the Power. Her methods result in minor injuries to the two Accepted.
Danu 9 Dec 2 NS 8 Elaida Heals Moiraine and Siuan the next morning after "helping" them prepare for their test for the shawl.
Danu 11 Dec 4 NS 8 The morning after Elaida's third session with Moiraine and Siuan, Merean informs them that Elaida had possibly helped them to cheat on their test, and that she had been chastised for such help.
Danu 12 Dec 5 NS 8 An unexpected thaw melts all of the snow on Dragonmount, except on the very peak.
Danu 14 Dec 7 NS 12 A man named Ries Gorthanes, posing as a Tower Guard, arrives at a Tar Valon bank and passes a forged letter from the Amyrlin Seat requesting the financial records of Moiraine Damodred. Although Gorthanes is apprehended, he escapes before the Tower Guards arrive.
Danu 21 Dec 14 NS 8 Moiraine is told just before dawn that she is to be tested for the shawl, just after sunrise.
Danu 22 Dec 15 NS 9 Moiraine is required to complete one-hundred weaves inside a ter'angreal located in a basement of the White Tower, under mentally and physically challenging circumstances. Siuan is told that she is to be tested for the shawl, and undergoes a similar test.
NS 10 Although they are supposed to spend their last evening as Accepted in prayer and contemplation, Moiraine and Siuan instead plot to place mice in Elaida's bed. The two are discovered and are disciplined by Merean Redhill.
NS 11 Just before dawn, Moiraine and Siuan are raised to the shawl of an Aes Sedai. After swearing the Three Oaths on the Oath Rod, they both choose the Blue Ajah.
TWORJTWOT The Aiel enter Kinslayer's Dagger, and the pursuing Grand Alliance forces halt their pursuit.
Danu 23 Dec 16 NS 12 Siuan is assigned to work for Cetalia Delarme, head of the Blue Ajah's eyes-and-ears network. The Amyrlin gives Moiraine the task of distributing the bounty to those women who bore children during the specified period. Lan's forces stop near Kinslayer's Dagger, having pursued the retreating Aiel for more than two weeks. At Bukama's urging, Lan agrees not to return to the Borderlands immediately, and the two head southward together, possibly to Illian.
NS 13 While depositing her first stipend from the White Tower at a Tar Valon bank, Moiraine learns of Gorthanes' attempt to gain access to her financial records, and that her bankers' message to her was never delivered.
Danu ? Dec ? TSR 34 Janduin, grief-stricken over allowing Shaiel to fight while pregnant, and having lost both her and his infant son, abandons his place as clan chief of the Taardad. He goes north to fight Shadowspawn in the Great Blight, and is eventually killed by a man reported to resemble Shaiel.
TEOTW 1 Brandelwyn al'Vere becomes the mayor of Emond's Field and the innkeeper of the Winespring Inn.