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Years: 978 NE · 979 NE · 998 NE · 999 NE · 1000 NE


  1. New Spring
  2. The Eye of the World
  3. The Great Hunt
  4. The Dragon Reborn
  5. The Shadow Rising
  6. The Fires of Heaven
  7. Lord of Chaos
  8. A Crown of Swords
  9. The Path of Daggers
  10. Winter's Heart
  11. Crossroads of Twilight
  12. Knife of Dreams
  13. The Gathering Storm
Westland calendar Gregorian day Chapter # Event description Lunar phase
Taisham 2 Dec 23 NS 14 Ellid Abareim dies while being tested for the shawl.
Taisham 3-11 Dec 24-Jan 1 NS 14 Over a period of time Kerene Nagashi, Aisha Raveneos, Valera Gorovni, Ludice Daneen and Meilyn Arganya all leave Tar Valon to begin their search for the Dragon Reborn.
Taisham 12 Jan 2 NS 14 Sheriam Bayanar is raised to the shawl of the Aes Sedai and chooses the Blue Ajah.
Taisham 14 Jan 4 NS 14 Tamra Ospenya is tortured and killed by the Black Ajah, which had learned of the existence of the Dragon Reborn. Knowing only that the Dragon had been reborn, the Black Ajah, led by Jarna Malari, sets out to kill those Aes Sedai searching for him, and to kill any man who has the ability to channel.
Taisham 15 Jan 5 NS 14 The announcement of Tamra's death is made. The official explanation is that the Amyrlin died in her sleep.
Taisham 17 Jan 7 NS 14 Sierin Vayu of the Gray Ajah is raised to the Amyrlin Seat. Against Aes Sedai customs, Sierin does not grant relief from penances, but instead orders two sisters birched and three others exiled from Tar Valon for a year.
Taisham 20 Jan 10 NS 14 Moiraine approaches the new Amyrlin and requests to be removed from overseeing the payment of the bounty. The request is granted, but Moiraine is told not to leave the Tower. Moiraine leaves Tar Valon, not wanting to be an Aes Sedai puppet, on the rivership Bluewing.
Aine 20 Apr 4 NS 15 Lan Mandragoran and Bukama Marenellin arrive in Canluum, Kandor. They take rooms at The Blue Rose, and Bukama is reunited with Racelle Arovni, the innkeeper. Lan is found in The Blue Rose by Ryne Venamar, a friend and survivor from Malkier. Ryne tells Lan of Lady Edeyn Arrel's raising of the flag of Malkier. Lan and Bukama are attacked by six men outside The Blue Rose. Lan defeats all six by himself. Ryne notes that some of the men were loyal to Edeyn. Lan decides to journey to Chachin to confront Edeyn.
NS 16 Lan Mandragoran and Bukama Marenellin arrive in Canluum, Kandor. They take rooms at The Blue Rose, and Bukama is reunited with Racelle Arovni, the innkeeper.
NS 17 Moiraine encounters three more Aes Sedai at the inn: Cadsuane Melaidhrin, Merean Redhill and Larelle Tarsi. Cadsuane is curious to know why Moiraine is in Kandor, and Moiraine implies that she is seeking her first Warder. After Moiraine makes known her intent to travel to Chachin as soon as possible, Cadsuane arranges for Merean and Larelle to accompany her. Siuan Sanche arrives in Canluum. She tells Moiraine of the deaths of the five Aes Sedai known to be searching for the Dragon Reborn, and of her suspicion regarding the death of Tamra Ospenya. Both assume the the Amyrlin and the five Aes Sedai were murdered by the Black Ajah.
NS 18 Moiraine sends Siuan ahead to Chachin to start searching for Lady Ines.
NS 19 Moirane sees an Arafellin man talking with an Aes Sedai at the Gates of Heaven. Unable to identify the sister, and on edge concerning the Black Ajah, Moiraine becomes curious.
Aine 22 Apr 6 NS 19 Intent on finding Avene Sahera, Moiraine leaves Canluum without Cadsuane's escort. She sees three men ahead, including the one she had seen earlier with an Aes Sedai, but keeps her distance until they separate. Moiraine follows one of the three men into the forest in order to question him about the Aes Sedai in Canluum. Hoping to catch him by surprise she attempts to take his sword. The man, Lan, responds by throwing her into a nearby pond. Bukama and Ryne return later, and Moiraine asks the three to escort her to Chachin. Using the Power, Moiraine dumps a large portion of the pond on Lan as he stands watch over the camp. Although forced to reveal that she is Aes Sedai, Moiraine maintains her guise as Lady Alys.
Aine 23 Apr 7 NS 20 Lan's party arrives at Manala, a small village that is celebrating Bel Tine. They stop briefly before continuing to Chachin.
Aine 26 Apr 10 NS 21 A group of bandits waylays Lan's party. After a display of the Power by Moiraine and a threat from Lan, the bandits flee. For the fifth night in a row, Moiraine uses the Power to irriate Lan, whom she believes owes her an apology and has not shown the proper respect to an Aes Sedai.
Aine 27 Apr 11 NS 21 Arriving at the village of Ravinda, Moiraine finds Avene Sahera and learns that her son Migel was born at the wrong place and the wrong time to be the Dragon Reborn. Some time after leaving Ravinda, Lan is hit by an archer. The attacker, mortally wounded by Ryne and Bukama, is Caniedrin, a soldier who had served with Lan during the Battle of the Shining Walls. Caniedrin's dying words imply the involvement of Gorthanes.
Adar 1 Apr 13 NS 22 Lan's party arrives at Chachin. Lan and the others part ways with Moiraine, and Lan makes his way to the Aesdaishar Palace to find Edeyn. Lan is reunited with Lady Edeyn, who pledges fealty to him in front of a large gathering that is honoring Malkier. Lan reminds Edeyn that he is not the King of Malkier. Returning to his rooms in the palace, Lan encounters Edeyn and learns that she intends to see him married to her daughter, Iselle.
NS 23 Siuan finds Moiraine in Chachin, and takes her back to The Evening Star. Moiraine learns that Ines Demain, whose son Rahien Demain was born near Dragonmount, is in mourning in the Aesdaishar Palace following the recent death of her husband. Moiraine develops a risky plan to gain access to Lady Ines.
Adar 2 Apr 14 NS 24 Moiraine, using her real name and noble status, but not revealing that she is Aes Sedai, arrives at the Aesdaishar Palace. Siuan acts as Moiraine's maid, Suki, and learns that Ines is in seclusion while mourning.
NS 25 During an audience with Prince Consort Brys, Moiraine learns that Lan is the uncrowned King of Malkier. Returning to her rooms, Moiraine encounters Merean, who indicates that Larelle had changed her mind about travelling to Chachin. Moiraine becomes suspicious about Larelle's fate. Moiraine meets with Lan and asks for Merean's activities to be watched. After Moiraine reveals why the Aes Sedai failed to render aid to Malkier when it was attacked, Lan agrees to have Bukama watch Merean. Siuan returns with news that Lady Ines' child had been born one day after the Aiel retreat from Tar Valon, and that Bukama had witnessed Merean in the company of Prince Brys all day.
NS 26 Lan, pushed by someone wielding the Power, is almost killed in a fall down a flight of stairs, after which he is told of a serious injury to Bukama. Lan arrives to find Bukama dead from a dagger in his back. Lan confronts Moiraine about Bukama's death, and Moiraine, suspecting that Merean is Black Ajah and that Prince Brys is in danger, has Lan take her to Brys. Lan and Moiraine find Merean holding Brys and Diryk with the One Power on a walk on the outside of the palace. Also present is Iselle, also held by Merean, and Ryne, revealed to be a Darkfriend. Merean reveals Ryne's involvement in Bukama's death. Ryne attacks Lan, and Merean and Moiraine engage in a fight with the One Power. Shielded by Merean, Moiraine watches as Merean drops Diryk and then Brys off the walk to the rooftops below. Unable to channel, Moiraine stabs Merean as she attempts to move Iselle off the walk. Moiraine fails to catch Iselle in time and Iselle falls to her death. Lan barely defeats Ryne in combat. Moiraine disposes of Merean and Ryne's bodies, and Lan agrees to keep recent events a secret.
Adar 3 Apr 15 NS Epilogue Aesdaishar Palace mourns the sudden and unexplained deaths of Brys, Diryk and Iselle. Lady Edeyn, mourning the loss of her daughter, abandons her efforts to revive the nation of Malkier. Siuan reveals that Rahien Demain was born in the wrong location to be the Dragon Reborn. Informed of Moiraine's fight with Merean, Siuan deduces that the Black Ajah, unaware of exactly when the Dragon was reborn, is attempting to kill any many who might be able to channel, including those that exhibit unusually good luck. Moiraine instructs Siuan to return to the White Tower and resume her work with Cetalia. Moiraine leaves Chachin and tracks down Lan outside the city. She asks him to bond to her as her Warder, and then explains her quest to find the Dragon Reborn. Lan agrees and accepts the bond. The two return to Chachin, and then travel on to Arafel.