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  1. New Spring
  2. The Eye of the World
  3. The Great Hunt
  4. The Dragon Reborn
  5. The Shadow Rising
  6. The Fires of Heaven
  7. Lord of Chaos
  8. A Crown of Swords
  9. The Path of Daggers
  10. Winter's Heart
  11. Crossroads of Twilight
  12. Knife of Dreams
  13. The Gathering Storm
Westland calendar Gregorian day Chapter # Event description Lunar phase
-3 Aine 5 Mar 20 TEOTW 1 Matrim Cauthon sees a Myrddraal just outside Emond's Field.
-1 Aine 7 Mar 22 TEOTW 1 - TEOTW 3 Perrin Aybara sees a Myrddraal at the edge of Emond's Field. Moiraine Damodred and Lan Mandragoran arrive in the village. Thomdril Merrilin arrives in the dead of night.
Book 1: The Eye of the World
0 Aine 8 Mar 23 TEOTW 1 - TEOTW 6 Winternight. Rand al'Thor sees a Myrddraal on the Quarry Road. Rand and Tam visit Emond's Field. Rand and Mat meet Moiraine and Lan. Padan Fain arrives with news of the false Dragon Logain Ablar. Rand and his friends meet Thom Merrilin, before Rand and Tam return to the farm. In the evening, the farm and village are attacked by Trollocs. Rand constructs a litter and drags the wounded Tam towards Emond's Field. Tam has fever-dreams of the past. Fullmoon.png
1 Aine 9 Mar 24 TEOTW 7 - TEOTW 9 Bel Tine. At dawn, Rand arrives, dragging his father, at Emond's Field. Moiraine Heals Tam, and convinces Rand he must leave Emond's Field. Rand dreams of Shayol Ghul, Dragonmount and Tar Valon. He wakes at twilight and talks with Tam. Moiraine tells the villagers the tale of the fall of Manetheren.
TEOTW 10 - TEOTW 12 Rand, Mat and Perrin leave Emond's Field with Moiraine, Lan, Egwene and Thom. Rand sees a Draghkar in the sky. They journey along the North Road to Taren Ferry, where Moiraine raises a fog to fool the pursuing Draghkar. (Rand unknowingly channels to restore Bela's strength.) They cross the Taren, after which Moiraine destroys the ferry. They make camp near the river. Moiraine guides Egwene through her first use of the Power.
2 Aine 10 Mar 25 TEOTW 13 Lan begins teaching the boys how to use their weapons.
3 Aine 11 Mar 26 TEOTW 13 They change direction to avoid a farmhouse.
4 Aine 12 Mar 27 TEOTW 13 Egwene begins to leave her hair unbraided.
5 Aine 13 Mar 28 TEOTW 13 Moiraine tells the three boys she will destroy them rather than let the Dark One have them.
6 Aine 14 Mar 29 TEOTW 13 In the evening, Rand eavesdrops on the discussions between Egwene and Moiraine.
7 Aine 15 Mar 30 TEOTW 13 - TEOTW 14 They arrive at Baerlon in the evening. They hear of Whitecloaks in Baerlon, trouble in Saldaea, and a battle in Ghealdan. Thom tells Rand some of the Prophecies of the Dragon. Rand dreams, and has his first encounter with Ba'alzamon.
8 Aine 16 Mar 31 TEOTW 15 - TEOTW 16 Rand discusses the dream with Perrin. He meets Min Farshaw for the first time. In Baerlon, he encounters Padan Fain, and faces down Whitecloaks led by Dain Bornhald (reaction to channelling seven days ago). Back at the inn, they discover Nynaeve al'Meara has followed them. Lastq.png
TEOTW 17 Rand is attacked by a Fade. They leave Baerlon after a confrontation with the Whitecloaks. Nynaeve joins the party.
9 Aine 17 Apr 01 TEOTW 17 They begin traveling along the Caemlyn Road.
11 Aine 19 Apr 03 TEOTW 18 - TEOTW 19 Battle with Trollocs and Myrddraal. They take refuge in Shadar Logoth. Rand, Mat and Perrin explore and encounter Mordeth. Lan reports Trollocs and Myrddraal in the city, moving towards them. They decide to leave.
TEOTW 20 Encounter with Mashadar. The party separates, evading Trollocs and Fades. Perrin meets up with Egwene. They escape Shadar Logoth, but are separated again when they ride into the river Arinelle.
Rand meets up with Mat and Thom, and they make for the river. They find Bayle Domon's boat, Spray, and board just ahead of the Trollocs. Bayle Domon tells of fierce Trolloc raids in Saldaea throughout the last winter.
12 Aine 20 Apr 04 TEOTW 21 Nynaeve finds Moiraine and Lan. Moiraine tells her she can channel the Power. They set off, following the river downstream.
TEOTW 22 Perrin meets up with Egwene again. They decide to set off toward Caemlyn.
14 Aine 22 Apr 06 TEOTW 24 On Spray, Rand and Mat see a metal tower in the distance. Newmoon.png
15 Aine 23 Apr 07 TEOTW 23 In the evening, Perrin and Egwene encounter Elyas Machera. Perrin learns he can talk to the wolves.
TEOTW 24 On Spray, Rand does some acrobatics high above the deck (reaction to channelling four days ago). He discovers Mat has the dagger from Shadar Logoth.
17 Aine 25 Apr 09 TEOTW 26 Padan Fain comes to Whitebridge, asking about the party.
18 Aine 26 Apr 10 TEOTW 25 Perrin, Egwene and Elyas encounter a Tinker caravan. They agree to travel with them for a time.
TEOTW 26 A Fade comes to Whitebridge (first of several times), asking about the party.
22 Adar 2 Apr 14 TEOTW 26 Proclamation from Illian of the Great Hunt for the Horn is read in Whitebridge. Firstq.png
24 Adar 4 Apr 16 TEOTW 26 Spray arrives at Whitebridge. At The Wayfarers' Rest, Rand, Mat and Thom hear of Logain's capture. Outside, they encounter a Fade. Thom battles it, as the boys run. They set off down the Caemlyn Road.
TEOTW 28 Spray leaves Whitebridge, heading for Illian.
TEOTW 31 Rand and Mat pass through a small village and sleep under bushes.
25 Adar 5 Apr 17 TEOTW 27 Egwene and Perrin leave the Tinkers at dawn, and resume traveling south and east with Elyas.
TEOTW 28 Moiraine, Lan, and Nynaeve arrive at Whitebridge.
TEOTW 31 Rand and Mat do some work on a farm, but are driven off with the dogs set on them.
28 Adar 8 Apr 20 TEOTW 31 Rand and Mat do some farm work, but the farmer won't let them stay the night.
30 Adar 10 Apr 22 TEOTW 29 - TEOTW 30 Perrin and Egwene take refuge in an abandoned stedding. They are captured by Whitecloaks led by Geofram Bornhald. Hopper is killed. Elyas escapes. Fullmoon.png
TEOTW 31 Rand and Mat work and stay the night at Grinwell's farm.
31 Adar 11 Apr 23 TEOTW 31 Rand and Mat arrive at Arien at dusk and play at the inn.
32 Adar 12 Apr 24 TEOTW 31 Rand and Mat get a ride from Arien in Eazil Forney's cart.
35 Adar 15 Apr 27 TEOTW 32 Rand and Mat arrive at Four Kings in the evening. At The Dancing Cartman, they are approached by the Darkfriend Howal Gode. Rand channels unknowingly - lightning strikes the inn, killing Gode. They escape into the night, with Mat temporarily blinded.
TEOTW 33 Rand dreams, and encounters the dead Gode and Ba'alzamon.
36 Adar 16 Apr 28 TEOTW 33 Rand and Mat ride with Alpert Mull, who gives them two scarves. They reach Market Sheran at dusk, and stay at Rulan Allwine's inn.
TEOTW 36 Loial arrives in Caemlyn.
37 Adar 17 Apr 29 TEOTW 33 At breakfast, Rand and Mat encounter Paitr Conel, a young Darkfriend. At evening, they arrive at another small village. At the inn, The Queen's Man, Rand falls ill (reaction to channelling two days ago) so they stay in the stable. Lastq.png
38 Adar 18 Apr 30 TEOTW 33 At dawn, a female Darkfriend, Mili Skane, tries to kill Rand and Mat.
TEOTW 31 - TEOTW 34 On the Caemlyn road, Rand and Mat hide through a hole in the hedge from a group of merchants' guards. Hyam Kinch gives them a ride. They pass Carysford after dark, and sleep in a haystack.
39 Adar 19 May 01 TEOTW 34 Rand and Mat join the line of travelers on the Caemlyn Road. At evening they see a Fade, and Almen Bunt gives them a ride through the night to Caemlyn.
40 Adar 20 May 02 TEOTW 35 - TEOTW 36 Rand and Mat arrive in Caemlyn at dawn. Basel Gill gives them a room at The Queen's Blessing. Rand meets Loial in the library.
TEOTW 37 - TEOTW 38 Moiraine, Lan and Nynaeve find the Whitecloaks' camp. They rescue Perrin and Egwene. Nynaeve discovers Perrin's eyes are turning yellow.
43 Adar 23 May 05 TEOTW 39 - TEOTW 43 Rand joins the crowd waiting to see Logain. He retreats to avoid a beggar, Padan Fain, and climbs the Palace garden wall. After falling into the garden, he meets Elayne Trakand, Gawyn Trakand and Galadedrid Damodred. He is taken to see Queen Morgase Trakand and Elaida do Avriny a'Roihan. After being released, he returns to the inn, where the party is reunited. Moiraine Heals Mat temporarily of the dagger's influence, and decides they must use the Ways to reach The Eye of the World, despite Loial's objections.
TEOTW 46 Five Darkfriends are caught in Fal Dara, trying to open a gate in the night for Trollocs.
44 Adar 24 May 06 TEOTW 44 - TEOTW 45 At dawn, Rand's party find the Waygate and enter the Ways. They travel for over two days. Late in the second day, they hear the Black Wind. Newmoon.png
45 Adar 25 May 07 TEOTW 45 - TEOTW 47 They emerge from the Ways at mid-morning and travel to Fal Dara. Agelmar Jagad tells of Lan's history, and the fall of Malkier.
TEOTW 40 Elayne and Gawyn leave Caemlyn for Tar Valon, with Logain's escort. Elaida goes with them.
46 Adar 26 May 08 TEOTW 48 Rand's party leave Fal Dara at dawn and travel to the Great Blight. They make camp near the Seven Towers.
47 Adar 27 May 09 TEOTW 49 - TEOTW 52 They struggle through the Blight and reach the Eye of the World, and meet the Green Man. Confrontation with Aginor and Balthamel. Balthamel injures Nynaeve, but he and the Green Man destroy each other. Rand and Aginor duel for control of the Eye - Aginor draws too much of the Power and is killed. Rand's confrontation with Ba'alzamon results in victory at Tarwin's Gap and the apparent death of Ba'alzamon. Where the Eye was, the party find a broken Seal, the Horn of Valere, and the Dragon Banner.
48 Adar 28 May 10 TEOTW 53 They leave the remains of the Green Man's garden and again camp near the Seven Towers.
49 Saven 1 May 11 TEOTW 53 They arrive back at Fal Dara. Moiraine tells Agelmar the Horn must be taken to Illian.
51 Saven 3 May 13

56 Saven 8 May 18 TEOTW 53 Moiraine eavesdrops on Rand and Egwene's conversation - Rand realizes he can never go home.
59 Saven 11 May 21

66 Saven 18 May 28
Logain's escort arrives in Tar Valon, with Elayne, Gawyn and Elaida. Lastq.png
68 Saven 20 May 30
Siuan Sanche leaves Tar Valon with a party of Aes Sedai. They travel up the rivers Erinin and Mora to Medo, in Shienar.
72 Saven 24 Jun 03
The Amyrlin's party arrive at Medo and begin traveling overland to Fal Dara.
73 Saven 25 Jun 04

76 Saven 28 Jun 07 Book 2: The Great Hunt
77 Amadaine 1 Jun 08 TGH Prologue Darkfriend Social attended by Bors (a.k.a. Jaichim Carridin), Liandrin, Ingtar Shinowa and others. Ba'alzamon gives orders concerning Rand, Mat and Perrin.
TGH 1 Moiraine arrives back in Fal Dara.
78 Amadaine 2 Jun 09 TGH 1 - TGH 5 Rand fences with Lan. The Amyrlin Seat arrives. Ingtar returns from 'hunting'. Moiraine and Siuan discuss their plans.
TGH 5 Geofram Bornhald meets with Questioners in the village of Alcruna, on the border of Almoth Plain.
TGH 6 Trollocs attack Fal Dara. Padan Fain escapes and the Horn and dagger are stolen.
79 Amadaine 3 Jun 10 TGH 7 - TGH 9 Rand is told he is the Dragon. He, Mat and Perrin leave Fal Dara with Ingtar's party to recover the Horn.
TGH 9 Feast of Teven. Bayle Domon leaves Illian, sailing west.
TGH 10 Ingtar's party follow the Trollocs' trail south.
TGH 12 Egwene and Nynaeve leave Fal Dara with the Amyrlin's party. They have a lesson from Verin Mathwin that night.
80 Amadaine 4 Jun 11 TGH 10 Ingtar's party follow the Trollocs. The trail veers northeast, then south again.
TGH 12 Egwene and Nynaeve have a lesson from Alviarin Freidhen.
81 Amadaine 5 Jun 12 TGH 10 Ingtar's party follow the Trollocs. The trail veers northwest, then south again. Firstq.png
TGH 12 Egwene and Nynaeve have a lesson from Alanna Mosvani.
82 Amadaine 6 Jun 13 TGH 10 Ingtar's party continue to follow the Trollocs.
TGH 12 Egwene and Nynaeve have a lesson from Liandrin.
83 Amadaine 7 Jun 14 TGH 10 Ingtar's party continue to follow the Trollocs.
TGH 12 Moiraine and Lan leave the Amyrlin's party, followed by Liandrin. Verin leaves shortly afterwards, without her Warder, Tomas.
84 Amadaine 8 Jun 15 TGH 10 Ingtar's party continue to follow the Trollocs.
TGH 12 Egwene has a dream of Rand in danger.
85 Amadaine 9 Jun 16 TGH 10 - TGH 11 Ingtar's party reach the Erinin. Once across, they find deserted villages and a Myrddraal nailed to a door. Rand has a strange repeated experience in one village, which he breaks by channelling. At camp that night, Rand discovers Moiraine has given him the Dragon Banner.
TGH 12 The Amyrlin's party arrive at Medo, and take ship downriver.
86 Amadaine 10 Jun 17 TGH 13 Rand, Hurin and Loial wake to find themselves in a strange new world. They decide to follow the Darkfriend trail.
TGH 14 Ingtar's party wake to find Rand and the others gone. Perrin becomes Ingtar's new 'sniffer'. As they find another massacred village, Verin arrives and joins the party.
TGH 15 In the night, Rand encounters Ba'alzamon and gets his first heron-mark brand.
87 Amadaine 11 Jun 18 TGH 16 - TGH 17 At the field of Talidar, Rand's party find the Hawkwing monument - with a raven's head instead of a hawk. Rand rescues Selene from a pack of grolm. She rides with them. Escaping another pack of grolm, Rand uses another Portal Stone to take them back to their own world.
89 Amadaine 13 Jun 20 TGH 18 As the River Queen approaches Tar Valon, the Amyrlin visits Egwene and Nynaeve. After arriving at Tar Valon, they meet Sheriam Bayanar, who takes them into the Tower. Fullmoon.png
91 Amadaine 14 Jun 22 TGH 19 At night, Rand's party finds Fain's camp, and steals back the Horn and dagger.
92 Amadaine 15 Jun 23 TGH 20 Rand's party head towards Cairhien. Rand argues with Selene over letting her see the Horn.
93 Amadaine 16 Jun 24 TGH 20 - TGH 21 At evening, Rand's party reach the village of Tremonsien. Rand sees the giant statue sa'angreal, on of the Choedan Kal. They spend the night at The Nine Rings.
TGH 22 Moiraine, at Tifan's Well, talks with Vandene Namelle. She is attacked by a Draghkar.
TGH 23 Nynaeve is tested and raised to the Accepted.
TGH 24 Egwene becomes a Novice.
94 Amadaine 17 Jun 25 TGH 21 Rand finds Selene has vanished. Aldrin Caldevwin gives them an escort into Cairhien.
TGH 24 Egwene meets Elayne, who takes her to see Min. She meets Gawyn and Galad in the garden.
TGH 25 - TGH 26 Rand's party take rooms at The Defender of the Dragonwall. Rand receives three invitations from noble Houses, which he burns. In the Foregate, he finds Thom. At The Bunch of Grapes, Rand and Loial meet Dena and talk with Thom.
TGH 27 In the Foregate, Rand, Loial and Hurin are attacked by Trollocs. Selene rejoins them, and they take refuge in the Illuminators' chapter house, which is then damaged by fireworks. Selene disappears again.
95 Amadaine 18 Jun 26 TGH 28 Ingtar's party enters Cairhien. They meet Urien, who tells them of the Aiel quest for He Who Comes With the Dawn.
96 Amadaine 19 Jun 27

99 Amadaine 22 Jun 30 TGH 29 Bayle Domon captured by the Seanchan near Falme. He is taken to High Lord Turak and forced to give him his Seal.
TGH 29 Geofram Bornhald decides to take his legion onto Toman Head.
100 Amadaine 23 Jul 01 TGH 30 - TGH 31 Rand receives invitations from Barthanes Damodred and Galldrian Riatin. The inn is set on fire and the Horn and dagger stolen again. Ingtar's party arrives in Cairhien. They take rooms at The Great Tree. Hurin tracks the Darkfriends to Barthanes' manor.
101 Amadaine 24 Jul 02 TGH 32 - TGH 33 Party at Barthanes' manor. Rand talks with Thom again. Rand, Hurin and Loial find a Waygate in the grounds of the manor. When Rand opens it, Machin Shin is waiting. Barthanes gives Rand a message from Fain. Rand decides to go to Toman Head.
102 Amadaine 25 Jul 03 TGH 34 Thom finds Dena killed. The innkeeper tells him Barthanes has been found dead, ripped limb from limb.
TGH 34 Fain arrives in Falme and presents the Horn to Turak.
103 Amadaine 26 Jul 04 TGH 35 - TGH 37 Rand's party arrive at Stedding Tsofu and encounter Aiel there. The Elders allow them to use the Waygate, but they find the Black Wind waiting. Rand uses a nearby Portal Stone to take them all to Toman Head, after experiencing their other possible lives. Newmoon.png
111 Tammaz 6 Jul 12

118 Tammaz 13 Jul 19

125 Tammaz 20 Jul 26

132 Tammaz 27 Aug 02

141 Maighdal 8 Aug 11

147 Maighdal 14 Aug 17

154 Maighdal 21 Aug 24

162 Choren 1 Sep 01

170 Choren 9 Sep 09

177 Choren 16 Sep 16

184 Choren 23 Sep 23 TGH 38 - TGH 39 Liandrin tells Egwene and Nynaeve that Rand is in danger. They, accompanied by Elayne and Min, follow her into the Ways. They travel for at least two days. Lastq.png
185 Choren 24 Sep 24 TGH 40 Liandrin and the girls arrive at Toman Head. Liandrin betrays the girls to Suroth. Egwene and Min are captured.
192 Shaldine 3 Oct 01

200 Shaldine 11 Oct 09

206 Shaldine 17 Oct 15

213 Shaldine 24 Oct 22

221 Nesan 4 Oct 30

229 Nesan 12 Nov 07

236 Nesan 19 Nov 14 TGH 37 Rand's party arrive on Toman Head by Portal Stone. Fullmoon.png
239 Nesan 22 Nov 17 TGH 41 Rand's party arrive at a deserted village. Rand encounters Ba'alzamon again.
240 Nesan 23 Nov 18 TGH 42 - TGH 43 Min visits Egwene in the damane quarters. Outside, she is found by Nynaeve and Elayne, who she takes to meet Bayle Domon to arrange for passage away from Falme.
242 Nesan 25 Nov 20 TGH 44 Perrin, Mat and Hurin are spotted by Whitecloaks. Fain's trail is finally found. Verin selects a party of five to enter Falme tomorrow.
243 Nesan 26 Nov 21 TGH 45 Nynaeve, Elayne and Min capture the sul'dam Seta. They take her with them to the damane quarters. Lastq.png
TGH 45 Rand, Mat, Perrin, Hurin and Ingtar enter Falme. Hurin leads them to Turak's house. Rand glimpses Egwene. Battle with Turak and his men; Rand kills Turak. They escape with the Horn and the dagger.
TGH 46 The girls rescue Egwene. Outside, they fight against Seanchan damane.
TGH 46 - TGH 47 Seanchan pursue Rand's party. Ingtar reveals he was a Darkfriend, and sacrifices himself so the others can escape. They see Seanchan and Whitecloaks approaching from opposite directions. Mat sounds the Horn. The Heroes appear, and Rand orders them to drive out the Seanchan. The Whitecloaks charge, and battle begins. Rand confronts Ba'alzamon, who wounds him in the side but is apparently killed in turn.
TGH 48 Bayle Domon and Spray escape from Falme during the battle.
TGH 48 Min finds Rand in Falme. She is confronted by Lanfear.
244 Nesan 27 Nov 22 TGH 49 Egwene, Elayne and Nynaeve, together with Verin, Hurin and Mat, leave to head back to Tar Valon.
248 Danu 3 Nov 26 TGH 49 - TGH 50 Rand wakes. Moiraine has arrived, and shows him two broken Seals, recovered from Falme. She persuades Rand that he must proclaim himself the Dragon.
251 Danu 6 Nov 29

252 Danu 7 Nov 30 TSR 1 Suroth takes command of the remnants of the Hailene, and sends a message back to Seanchan telling of events at Falme.
258 Danu 13 Dec 06

265 Danu 20 Dec 13

273 Danu 28 Dec 21
The Feast of Lights. Lastq.png