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  1. New Spring
  2. The Eye of the World
  3. The Great Hunt
  4. The Dragon Reborn
  5. The Shadow Rising
  6. The Fires of Heaven
  7. Lord of Chaos
  8. A Crown of Swords
  9. The Path of Daggers
  10. Winter's Heart
  11. Crossroads of Twilight
  12. Knife of Dreams
  13. The Gathering Storm
Westland calendar Gregorian day Chapter # Event description Lunar phase
274 Taisham 1 Dec 22
The Feast of Lights.
281 Taisham 8 Dec 29

288 Taisham 15 Jan 05

295 Taisham 22 Jan 12

302 Jumara 1 Jan 19

310 Jumara 9 Jan 27

312 Jumara 11 Jan 29 TDR Prologue Padan Fain, a.k.a. Ordeith, arrives in Amador.
317 Jumara 16 Feb 03

324 Jumara 23 Feb 10

333 Saban 4 Feb 19

339 Saban 10 Feb 25

Book 3: The Dragon Reborn

340 Saban 11 Feb 26 TDR Prologue Pedron Niall discusses the events of Falme with Jaret Byar. He commands Jaichim Carridin to allow the 'False Dragon' on Almoth Plain free rein. Ordeith brings the Two Rivers to Niall's attention. Newmoon.png
TDR Prologue Carridin is ordered by a Myrddraal to kill Rand al'Thor within a month.
346 Saban 17 Mar 04

352 Saban 23 Mar 10 TDR 13 Morgase Trakand visits Tar Valon in search of her daughter, Elayne Trakand. Elaida do Avriny a'Roihan remains in Tar Valon when Morgase returns to Caemlyn.
TDR 47 While Morgase is away from Caemlyn, Lord Gaebril, Rahvin in disguise, arrives and rises to prominence.
354 Saban 25 Mar 12 TDR 1 - TDR 5 Perrin Aybara and the Shienarans escort the Tinker woman Leya to the camp of the Dragon Reborn. She brings news of 5000 Whitecloaks on Almoth Plain, surprisingly not moving in force against the Dragonsworn. In Tel'aran'rhiod, Perrin encounters Ba'alzamon and Lanfear, and eavesdrops on a conference between Ba'alzamon, Be'lal and Rahvin. Trollocs and Myrddraal attack the camp. Leya is killed. Fullmoon.png
355 Saban 26 Mar 13 TDR 6 Perrin wakes to find Rand gone. Uno Nomesta and the Shienarans head off toward Jehannah, Min Farshaw to Tar Valon, and Perrin, Moiraine Damodred, Lan Mandragoran and Loial follow Rand.
358 Aine 1 Mar 16 TDR 7 Moiraine demonstrates her skill at trout-fishing.
361 Aine 4 Mar 19 TDR 8 Rand passes through Jarra, leaving a trail of weddings and crazed Whitecloaks.
362 Aine 5 Mar 20 TDR 8 - TDR 9 Perrin's party arrive in Jarra. Perrin sees Noam, a man who has succumbed to his wolf-nature. In the wolf dream, Perrin has an accidental encounter with Lanfear, before Hopper chases him out of the dream. Lastq.png
TDR 9 Rand destroys an attacking dog with balefire.
368 Aine 11 Mar 26 TSR 38 Jaichim Carridin's sister, Dealda Carridin, is carried off from her bridal feast by a Myrddraal due to Carridin's failure to kill Rand al'Thor.
369 Aine 12 Mar 27

374 Aine 17 Apr 01 TDR 29 Else Grinwell is sent out of the Tower back to her family's farm.
376 Aine 19 Apr 03 TDR 33 Perrin's party pass through the ashes of Sidon, on the river Eldar. Firstq.png
381 Aine 24 Apr 08 TDR 10 - TDR 11 Egwene al'Vere, Elayne Trakand and Nynaeve al'Meara arrive in Tar Valon with Verin Mathwin, Hurin and Matrim Cauthon, after an encounter with Dain Bornhald's Whitecloaks. Hurin leaves to return to Shienar.
TDR 12 Verin meets with the Siuan Sanche, the Amyrlin Seat, and gives her the Horn of Valere.
TDR 13 - TDR 18 The Amyrlin sets Egwene and Nynaeve to hunt the Black Ajah. They are attacked by a Gray Man outside Egwene's room. After a confrontation with Elaida, Sheriam Bayanar takes them to witness Mat's Healing.
382 Aine 25 Apr 09 TDR 19 - TDR 20 Mat wakes, with holes in his memory and feeling extremely hungry. He is visited by Lanfear. Siuan Sanche and Leane Sharif check on him.
TDR 21 - TDR 23 Egwene meets Verin in the library and is given the twisted ring ter'angreal. That evening, Egwene and Elayne are tested and raised to the Accepted.
TDR 33 Perrin's party pass through Willar, where a dried spring has begun flowing again.
383 Aine 26 Apr 10 TDR 24 Mat scouts around, and encounters Lanfear, disguised as Else Grinwell. He then defeats Gawyn Trakand and Galadedrid Damodred in the practice yard.
TDR 25 - TDR 27 The girls discuss Verin's information. Message from "Else Grinwell" leads them to hints that the Black Ajah is in Tear. That evening, Egwene enters Tel'aran'rhiod. She dreams of Rand, and Perrin with Hopper, and encounters "Silvie", (Lanfear in disguise) in the Heart of the Stone.
384 Aine 27 Apr 11 TDR 28 Mat is visited by Egwene, Elayne and Nynaeve. They give him Elayne's letter to Morgase and the pass from the Amyrlin. Fullmoon.png
TDR 29 In the kitchens, Nynaeve tells the Amyrlin of their suspicions.
TDR 37 In the afternoon, the girls board the Blue Crane and set off for Tear.
TDR 30 - TDR 31 In the evening, Mat leaves his room. In the taverns he gambles and wins a great deal of money. He is attacked in the small hours of the morning by a Gray Man outside The Woman of Tanchico. Inside, he finds Thomdril Merrilin. He convinces Thom to accompany him to Caemlyn.
385 Aine 28 Apr 12 TDR 32 Mat and Thom start downriver on the Gray Gull. That night, the ship is attacked by Darkfriends.
387 Adar 2 Apr 14 TDR 33 Perrin's party pass through the villages of Samaha (where the wells have gone dry), Tallan (where there have been many arguments and three murders), and Fyall (where the mayor has found gold from Manetheren).
391 Adar 6 Apr 18 TDR 33 Gaul is caught by Orban and his followers, and caged in Remen.
392 Adar 7 Apr 19 TDR 33 - TDR 35 Perrin's party arrive in Remen, on the river Manetherendrelle. Perrin sees Faile Bashere for the first time. They hear about Masema Dagar's activites in Ghealdan. Perrin rescues Gaul and kills more Whitecloaks. They quickly leave Remen on the Snow Goose, bound for Illian. Faile joins them on the boat. Lastq.png
TDR 36 In the wolf dream, Hopper leads Perrin to eavesdrop on Ba'alzamon and Lanfear. He dreams of Rand killing Shadowspawn; Rand throws lightning at him.
TDR 36 At his camp in the Murandian hills, Rand kills a company of Darkfriends.
393 Adar 8 Apr 20 TDR 36 Perrin tells Moiraine about the wolf dream.
396 Adar 11 Apr 23 TSR 38 Jaichim Carridin's cousin is found skinned alive in his bedchamber due to Carridin's failure to kill Rand al'Thor.
398 Adar 13 Apr 25 TDR 40 Mat's food craving from being Healed finally disappears. Newmoon.png
399 Adar 14 Apr 26 TDR 37 - TDR 39 The Blue Crane runs aground. The girls leave it, and head towards Jurene. They meet Aviendha and other Maidens of the Spear. Nynaeve Heals Dailin. They are captured by Adden's bandits, and free themselves with the help of the Aiel.
400 Adar 15 Apr 27 TDR 39 The girls leave the bandits' camp with horses, and board the Darter at Jurene, bound for Tear.
TDR 40 Mat and Thom arrive at Aringill. They take shelter in the stable of The Good Queen during a rainstorm, and rescue Aludra from Tammuz and his thugs. She gives Mat some fireworks. They ride off towards Camelyn.
405 Adar 20 May 02 TDR 41 - TDR 44 Perrin's party arrive in Illian. At Nieda Sidoro's inn, Easing the Badger, they are attacked by Gray Men. Moiraine discovers that Lord Brend is Sammael. They leave Illian during a storm, chased and attacked by Darkhounds. Firstq.png
TDR 44 Approaching Caemlyn, Mat and Thom are attacked by Darkfriends.
406 Adar 21 May 03 TDR 45 - TDR 47 Mat and Thom enter Caemlyn at sunrise. Mat climbs the Palace wall and delivers Elayne's letter to Morgase, after overhearing Comar and Gaebril (Rahvin) talk of killing the girls. Mat and Thom leave immediately for Tear.
410 Adar 25 May 07 TSR 12 An Aiel messenger sets out for Tear bearing a letter to Moiraine from Amys and the other dreamwalking Wise Ones.
411 Adar 26 May 08
Mat and Thom board the Swift at Aringill, bound for Tear.
414 Saven 1 May 11

415 Saven 2 May 12 TDR 49 Mat and Thom are nearly thrown off the Swift due to an incident with Mat's fireworks.
417 Saven 4 May 14 TDR 48 - TDR 49 The Darter arrives in Tear. The girls take lodgings with Ailhuin Guenna, who introduces them to Juilin Sandar. Egwene encounters the Black Ajah in Tel'aran'rhiod.
TDR 49 A storm breaks over Tear as Mat and Thom arrive aboard the Swift. They start searching the inns for the girls. Mat confronts and kills Comar.
418 Saven 5 May 15 TDR 49 Mat and Thom continue to search for the girls.
419 Saven 6 May 16 TDR 49 Mat and Thom continue to search for the girls.
420 Saven 7 May 17 TDR 49 Mat and Thom continue to search for the girls. Thom becomes seriously ill.
421 Saven 8 May 18 TDR 50 Perrin's party arrive in Tear. Moiraine and Lan investigate; Perrin spends the day at the smithy. Moiraine returns with news of Be'lal; Lan reports the presence of Aiel in Tear. Lastq.png
422 Saven 9 May 19 TDR 51 - TDR 55 Nynaeve just misses Rand, on his way to the Stone, before the girls are captured by the Black Ajah. Mat finds Mother Guenna's house three hours later and sets off after the girls. Faile falls victim to a Black Ajah trap set for Moiraine, and Perrin braves the wolf dream to rescue her. Rand climbs the outside wall of the Stone and enters. Mat encounters Juilin Sandar and the Aiel on the rooftops of Tear, and blasts his way into the Stone. He and Juilin fight with several High Lords, and just miss Rand, who is on his way to the Heart of the Stone. Egwene captures Joiya Byir and stills Amico Nagoyin in Tel'aran'rhiod. Mat rescues the girls from the cells - they leave without him. Rand confronts Be'lal in the Heart of the Stone. Be'lal is balefired by Moiraine, who is then attacked by Ba'alzamon. Rand takes Callandor and pursues Ba'alzamon into Tel'aran'rhiod. Perrin finally rescues Faile from the wolf dream. The final confrontation between Rand and Ba'alzamon ends with Ba'alzamon's death and Rand declaring himself the Dragon Reborn.
423 Saven 10 May 20 TDR 56 The people of Tear acclaim Rand as the Dragon. Moiraine tells Mat and the girls that Ba'alzamon was not the Dark One after all. They discover that the Aiel are the People of the Dragon. Berelain sur Paendrag Paeron appears, passing on a message from Lanfear.
424 Saven 11 May 21

Book 4: The Shadow Rising

425 Saven 12 May 22 TSR 1 Min arrives in Tar Valon, and sees visions of the Tower Coup.
TSR 1 Dain Bornhald crosses the Taren, with several hundred Whitecloaks.
TSR 1 Suroth views the Seanchan fleet at Cantorin Harbor.
427 Saven 14 May 24 TSR 31 Bornhald's Whitecloaks kill Alanna Mosvani's Warder, Owein.
428 Saven 15 May 25

435 Saven 22 Jun 01

436 Saven 23 Jun 02 TSR 2 Mat plays Maiden's Kiss with Bain and Chiad.
438 Saven 25 Jun 04 TSR 2 - TSR 4 Bubbles of evil strike Tear near the three ta'veren.
TSR 5 Under questioning, Joiya and Amico reveal the existence of a danger to Rand in Tanchico, and the Black Ajah's plans to use Mazrim Taim to discredit Rand.
TSR 6 Egwene realizes Elayne loves Rand. Moiraine tells them about the twisted redstone doorframe ter'angreal.
439 Saven 26 Jun 05 TSR 7 - TSR 9 Egwene and Elayne visit Rand and discuss channeling. Egwene tells Mat about the doorframe ter'angreal.
440 Saven 27 Jun 06 TSR 9 Rand continues formulating his plan of action.
TSR 17 Rumors of Rand taking Tear begin arriving in Tar Valon.
441 Saven 28 Jun 07 TSR 9 - TSR 10 Lanfear visits Rand. He is attacked by a Gray Man as Trollocs and Myrddraal attack the Stone. Rand destroys all the Shadowspawn.
TSR 11 Egwene explores Tanchico in Tel'aran'rhiod, glimpses Birgitte Silverbow, and encounters Amys for the first time. Amys invites her to come to the Aiel Waste to learn from the Dreamwalkers.
TSR 12 Moiraine reports that Joiya and Amico were killed in the attack. Elayne and Nynaeve decide to go to Tanchico, while Egwene will go to the Aiel Waste.
TSR 13 - TSR 14 Rumors of trouble in the Two Rivers arrive. Perrin starts packing, while avoiding Berelain. Faile fights with Berelain.
TSR 15 Mat, Rand and Moiraine all encounter the Aelfinn beyond the twisted doorway.
442 Amadaine 1 Jun 08 TSR 16 Perrin asks Loial to accompany him to the Two Rivers. Gaul offers to go, too.
TSR 17 Moiraine persuades Thom to accompany Nynaeve and Elayne.
TSR 17 In Tar Valon, Min discovers Galad intends to join the Whitecloaks. News of Mazrim Taim's escape arrives, along with a message from Moiraine about Rand. Siuan orders the Hall of the Tower to be assembled. The novice Sahra Covenry is killed.
TSR 18 Faile and Perrin, with Loial, Gaul, Bain and Chiad, enter the Waygate near Tear.
TSR 19 - TSR 20 Elayne and Nynaeve, with Thom and Juilin, take passage aboard the Sea Folk ship Wavedancer for Tanchico. Elayne discovers some of the Sea Folk Windfinders can channel.
TSR 21 - TSR 23 Rand drives Callandor into the Heart of the Stone. He leaves Tear, along with Mat, Egwene, Moiraine and Lan, and uses a Portal Stone to take them to Chaendaer. They meet Amys and the other Wise Ones. Rand demands the right to enter Rhuidean. Mat goes with him. Aviendha and Moiraine also enter the city. The Wise Ones begin instructing Egwene.
TSR 24 In Rhuidean, Rand enters the glass columns, while Mat finds another doorframe ter'angreal, and goes through it to encounter the Eelfinn.
TSR 25 - TSR 26 In the glass columns, Rand experiences the lives of his Aiel ancestors, back to the Age of Legends. He witnesses the drilling of the Bore into the Dark One's prison.
443 Amadaine 2 Jun 09 TSR 27 - TSR 28 Perrin's party emerge from the Manetheren Waygate in the Mountains of Mist. That night, in the wolf dream, Perrin chases Slayer to the Tower of Ghenjei. Fullmoon.png
446 Amadaine 5 Jun 12 TSR 29 Perrin's party find the burnt-out remains of the al'Thor farm.
447 Amadaine 6 Jun 13 TSR 29 - TSR 31 Perrin's party arrive in Emond's Field. Perrin learns his family is dead. Marin al'Vere takes them to meet Verin, Alanna, Tam al'Thor and Abell Cauthon, who tell him of the Whitecloaks holding the Luhhans and the Cauthons captive.
448 Amadaine 7 Jun 14 TSR 32 - TSR 33 Perrin meets Lord Luc, and convinces the outlying farmers to take refuge in Emond's Field. That night, he leads the rescue of the captives from the Whitecloaks.
TSR 26 In Rhuidean, Rand emerges from the glass columns. He finds Mat hanging from Avendesora, and revives him. On the way out of the city, a bubble of evil strikes.
449 Amadaine 8 Jun 15 TSR 34 Rand and Mat return from Rhuidean at dawn. Rand confronts Couladin. Later in the day Aviendha returns from the city, followed by Moiraine.
TSR 35 Egwene meets with Elayne in Tel'aran'rhiod, and is caught by Amys. The Wise Ones set Aviendha to watching Rand.
450 Amadaine 9 Jun 16 TSR 36 - TSR 37 Rand and the Aiel leave Rhuidean for Cold Rocks Hold. They meet a party of peddlers led by Hadnan Kadere. Camping at Imre Stand, they are attacked that night by Trollocs. Lastq.png
TSR 38 Eldrith Jhondar, one of the Black Ajah in Tanchico, learns that the device able to control Rand is in the Panarch's Palace.
TSR 40 Perrin and his men find a burned farmhouse and track down and destroy a party of thirty-two Trollocs.
451 Amadaine 10 Jun 17 TSR 37 Rand and the Aiel leave Imre Stand.
TSR 40 Perrin and his men destroy another party of Trollocs and a Fade.
452 Amadaine 11 Jun 18 TSR 38 - TSR 39 Elayne and Nynaeve arrive in Tanchico, where they encounter Bayle Domon and take rooms at the Three Plum Court. Elayne gets drunk. In Tel'aran'rhiod, Nynaeve sees Asmodean outside Rhuidean and is chased away by Birgitte.
453 Amadaine 12 Jun 19 TSR 39 Elayne wakes with a hangover.
454 Amadaine 13 Jun 20 TSR 40 - TSR 42 Perrin visits his family's graves with Faile. He and his men are ambushed by Trollocs; Perrin is wounded. They stay the night in a Tinker encampment. Perrin learns that Faile is Davram Bashere's daughter. In the wolf dream, he finds the Waygate unlocked and is almost ambushed by Slayer.
455 Sunday Jun 21 TSR 42 - TSR 43 Perrin and his band return to a now-fortified Emond's Field. He tells Loial about the open Waygate. Alanna Heals him.
TSR 45 Taren Ferry is destroyed by Trollocs.
456 Amadaine 14 Jun 22 TSR 44 - TSR 45 Perrin wakes to find Loial and Gaul have gone off to close the Waygate. Emond's Field is attacked by a force of five hundred Trollocs. The Trollocs are defeated. The Tinkers arrive at Emond's Field; Aram asks to be taught the sword. Bornhald and his Whitecloaks attempt to arrest Perrin.
TSR 46 Elayne meets with Egwene and Amys in Tel'aran'rhiod.
457 Amadaine 15 Jun 23 TSR 46 Elayne and Nynaeve escape from Floran Gelb and his thugs with the help of Egeanin Tamarath. Whitecloaks have surrounded the Panarch's Palace. Moghedien comes to their room. Newmoon.png
458 Amadaine 16 Jun 24 TSR 47 Aes Sedai led by Elaida depose Siuan, and still and imprison her and Leane. There is fierce fighting in the White Tower grounds.
TSR 46 Amathera Aelfdene Casmir Lounault is invested as Panarch of Tanchico.
459 Amadaine 17 Jun 25 TSR 47 Min rescues Siuan and Leane. They find Logain Ablar, and escape from Tar Valon with Gawyn's help.
TSR 53 Loial and Gaul close and lock the Manetheren Waygate.
460 Amadaine 18 Jun 26 TSR 50 The Wise Ones allow Egwene to unbraid her hair again.
462 Amadaine 20 Jun 28 TSR 48 - TSR 50 Rand and the Aiel arrive at Cold Rocks Hold. They are attacked in the night by Trollocs and Draghkar. Rand decides to leave for Alcair Dal immediately, as the Shaido have already departed.
TSR 51 Egeanin releases her captive sul'dam, Bethamin Zeami.
463 Amadaine 21 Jun 29 TSR 51 - TSR 52 Bayle Domon reveals that Egeanin is Seanchan. Nynaeve meets with Egwene and the Wise Ones in Tel'aran'rhiod (next day for Egwene, since it is already morning there). Nynaeve realizes that Moghedien is active and meets Birgitte. Searching Tel'aran'rhiod with Need, she finds a Seal and the Sad Bracelets in the Panarch's Palace.
TSR 53 Loial and Gaul return to Emond's Field. In the wolf dream, Perrin wounds Slayer. He marries Faile. Faile leaves for Watch Hill.
464 Amadaine 22 Jun 30 TSR 54 - TSR 55 Elayne and Nynaeve enter the Panarch's Palace. Elayne rescues Amathera, while Nynaeve duels with Moghedien and wins. They take the Seal and the Sad Bracelets, but Moghedien escapes. Bayle Domon and Egeanin take the Sad Bracelets for dumping in the ocean near the Aile Somera.
TSR 56 The final attack by Trollocs on Emond's Field; aid from Deven Ride and Watch Hill defeats them. The Whitecloaks leave the Two Rivers, followed by Ordeith (Padan Fain).
465 Amadaine 23 Jul 01 TSR 57 - TSR 58 Rand arrives at Alcair Dal and is accepted as the Car'a'carn after revealing the true history of the Aiel. He chases Asmodean to Rhuidean and defeats him. Lanfear shields Asmodean and leaves him to serve as a teacher for Rand. Firstq.png
470 Amadaine 28 Jul 06
Egwene and the Wise Ones meet with Nynaeve or Elayne.
473 Tammaz 3 Jul 09

477 Tammaz 7 Jul 13
Egwene and the Wise Ones meet with Nynaeve or Elayne.
480 Tammaz 10 Jul 16

484 Tammaz 14 Jul 20
Egwene and the Wise Ones meet with Nynaeve or Elayne.
487 Tammaz 17 Jul 23

491 Tammaz 21 Jul 27
Egwene and the Wise Ones meet with Nynaeve or Elayne.
493 Tammaz 23 Jul 29

Book 5: The Fires of Heaven

494 Tammaz 24 Jul 30 TFOH Prologue Padan Fain arrives in Tar Valon.
495 Tammaz 25 Jul 31

497 Tammaz 27 Aug 02 TFOH Prologue Elaida meets with Fain.
TFOH Prologue Rahvin meets with Lanfear, Sammael and Graendal.
498 Tammaz 28 Aug 03 TFOH 1 Min, Siuan and Leane are placed on trial in Kore Springs for barn-burning. They give oaths to serve Gareth Bryne, but escape with Logain's help.

Egwene and the Wise Ones meet with Nynaeve or Elayne.
499 Maighdal 1 Aug 04 TFOH 1 Bryne decides to follow after the fugitives.
TFOH 1 Alteima arrives at the palace in Caemlyn.
502 Maighdal 4 Aug 07

505 Maighdal 7 Aug 10
Egwene and the Wise Ones meet with Nynaeve or Elayne.
507 Maighdal 9 Aug 12 TFOH 2 - TFOH 6 Darkhounds attack the Aiel camp at Rhuidean. The Shaido depart, heading for the Jangai Pass; Rand decides to follow them.
508 Maighdal 10 Aug 13 TFOH 7 Rand leads the Aiel out of Rhuidean.
509 Maighdal 11 Aug 14

510 Maighdal 12 Aug 15 TFOH 8 - TFOH 10 Nynaeve's party cross the border from Tarabon into Amadicia. In Mardecin they are caught by Ronde Macura, but escape.
511 Maighdal 13 Aug 16 TFOH 11 Siuan's party arrive in Lugard. At the Nine Horse Hitch inn, Siuan learns about the gathering of Blue sisters in Salidar.
TFOH 13 Nynaeve's party travel all day and reach Bellon in the evening.
512 Maighdal 14 Aug 17 TFOH 12 Gareth Bryne arrives in Lugard, following the runaways. He decides to keep chasing them westward.
TFOH 13 - TFOH 15 Nynaeve's party arrive in Sienda at evening, after an encounter with Valan Luca's menagerie. Nynaeve meets with Egwene and the Wise Ones. Later that night, Nynaeve has a distasteful meeting with Egwene. They learn that Siuan has been deposed.
513 Maighdal 15 Aug 18 TFOH 16 - TFOH 17 Nynaeve and Elayne encounter Galad in Sienda. They change disguises again and join Luca's menagerie.
515 Maighdal 17 Aug 20 TFOH 18 Moghedien takes control of the Black Ajah in Amador.
TFOH 20 Couladin and his Shaido arrive at Taien and attack it.
516 Maighdal 18 Aug 21 TFOH 20 The Shaido leave the now-devastated Taien. Newmoon.png
517 Maighdal 19 Aug 22 TFOH 19 Morgase breaks free of Rahvin's Compulsion and leaves Caemlyn with Martyn Tallanvor, Lini Eltring, Basel Gill, Lamgwin Dorn and Breane Taborwin.
TFOH 19 Padan Fain recovers the dagger and leaves Tar Valon.
519 Maighdal 21 Aug 24 TFOH 20 Melaine marries Bael.
TFOH 24 Egwene and the Wise Ones meet with Elayne in Tel'aran'rhiod.
520 Maighdal 22 Aug 25 TFOH 20 The Miagoma under Timolan converge toward Rand's forces.
522 Maighdal 24 Aug 27 TFOH 20 Rand's forces arrive at Taien in the late afternoon.
TFOH 21 Aviendha gives Rand the sword of Laman Damodred.
TFOH 22 The camp is attacked in the night by Trollocs and Darkfriends. Draghkar attack Rand and Aviendha.
524 Maighdal 26 Aug 29

526 Maighdal 28 Aug 31 TFOH 23 Rand's forces emerge from the Jangai Pass at Selean, also destroyed by the Shaido.
TFOH 24 - TFOH 25 Egwene and the Wise Ones meet with Elayne in Tel'aran'rhiod. Later Egwene is nearly ensnared by Moghedien.
527 Choren 1 Sep 01 TFOH 26 - TFOH 28 Siuan's party arrive in Salidar. Gareth Bryne follows them in, and agrees to lead the army of the Salidar Aes Sedai against Elaida.
TFOH 29 Rand's forces arrive at Eianrod. Isendre is murdered by Kadere.
TFOH 30 Estean and Edorion arrive at Eianrod, telling of Couladin and the Shaido besieging Cairhien.
TFOH 31 - TFOH 32 Rand and Aviendha take an unplanned detour. They confront Morsa and her Seanchan before escaping back to Cairhien.
529 Choren 3 Sep 03 TFOH 23 Luca's menagerie enters Ghealdan.
531 Choren 5 Sep 05

533 Choren 7 Sep 07 TFOH 33 Egwene and the Wise Ones meet with Elayne. Egwene tells of fighting in Cairhien, and the presence of Andoran soldiers there.
534 Choren 8 Sep 08 TFOH 33 - TFOH 36 Birgitte is ripped out of Tel'aran'rhiod. Elayne bonds her as a Warder. Moghedien is injured. Liandrin is permanently shielded by Moghedien and left in Amador.
TFOH 41 Weiramon Saniago brings his Tairen cavalry to Rand's forces in Cairhien. Kin Tovere's tower is completed.
535 Choren 9 Sep 09 TFOH 37 - TFOH 40 The menagerie crosses the river into Samara. Nynaeve meets Uno, Galad and Masema and makes arrangements for a boat.
TFOH 41 - TFOH 42 Rand assembles his forces outside Cairhien. Egwene and Aviendha agree to aid in the coming battle.
536 Choren 10 Sep 10 TFOH 43 - TFOH 44 The Battle of Cairhien. The Shaido are defeated, and driven towards Kinslayer's Dagger. All the Aiel clans except the Shaido join Rand's forces.
TFOH 45 Mat kills Couladin.
537 Choren 11 Sep 11 TFOH 45 - TFOH 46 Rand hears of the embassies from the city, and enters into Cairhien. The Tairen and Cairhienin nobles swear fealty.
TFOH 47 Egwene talks to Nynaeve and Elayne in their dreams, telling them of Rand's victory.
538 Choren 12 Sep 12 TFOH 47 - TFOH 48 Nynaeve's party leave the menagerie, fight their way through Samara with Galad's help, and start downriver on the Riverserpent. Lastq.png
539 Choren 13 Sep 13 TFOH 49 Elayne resumes her study of the a'dam, with a view to making one.
540 Choren 14 Sep 14 TFOH 49 The Riverserpent passes Boannda. Nynaeve and Elayne meet with Egwene and the Wise Ones in Tel'aran'rhiod.
541 Choren 15 Sep 15 TFOH 51 Egwene tells Rand of Masema's actions, and of the existence of a group of Aes Sedai who would support him.
543 Choren 17 Sep 17 TFOH 49 - TFOH 50 Nynaeve's party arrive in Salidar at evening. Min tells Elayne of her love for Rand.
546 Choren 20 Sep 20 TFOH 51 Rand receives letters from Elaida and Alviarin. News of Morgase's apparent death arrives in Cairhien. Rand decides to go after Rahvin. Melindhra tries to kill Mat, revealing herself to be a Darkfriend. Newmoon.png
TFOH 54 Theodrin Dabei begins helping Nynaeve to break her block.
547 Choren 21 Sep 21 TFOH 52 - TFOH 56 Moiraine and Lanfear disappear through the redstone doorframe ter'angreal, presumed dead. Egwene and Aviendha injured. Rand balefires Rahvin in Caemlyn. Nynaeve captures Moghedien in Tel'aran'rhiod. Asmodean dies. Davram Bashere arrives in Caemlyn chasing Mazrim Taim. Rand announces an amnesty for all men who can channel.
TFOH 56 Morgase's party crosses the border into Amadicia.

The Wise Ones meet with Sheriam's group.

Book 6: Lord of Chaos

548 Choren 22 Sep 22 LOC Prologue Demandred visits Shayol Ghul and encounters Shaidar Haran.
554 Choren 28 Sep 28
The Wise Ones meet with Sheriam's group. Firstq.png
555 Shaldine 1 Sep 29 LOC Prologue The rebel Aes Sedai embassy leaves Salidar for Caemlyn.
557 Shaldine 3 Oct 01 LOC Prologue Perrin and Faile leave Emond's Field.
559 Shaldine 5 Oct 03 LOC Prologue Sevanna meets with Katerine Alruddin and Galina Casban.
560 Shaldine 6 Oct 04 LOC Prologue Pedron Niall visits Morgase, in Ailron's palace, and offers to help her regain the throne of Andor. Paitr Conel offers to help Morgase escape. Niall orders Jaichim Carridin to begin sending fake Dragonsworn into Altara and Murandy.
561 Shaldine 7 Oct 05
The Wise Ones meet with Sheriam's group. Fullmoon.png
565 Shaldine 11 Oct 09 LOC Prologue Demandred meets with Mesaana, Semirhage, and Graendal.
566 Shaldine 12 Oct 10 LOC Prologue Osan'gar and Aran'gar are sent out into the world by Shaidar Haran.
567 Shaldine 13 Oct 11

568 Shaldine 14 Oct 12
The Wise Ones meet with Sheriam's group.
575 Shaldine 21 Oct 19
The Wise Ones meet with Sheriam's group. Newmoon.png
582 Shaldine 28 Oct 26
The Wise Ones meet with Sheriam's group.
583 Nesan 1 Oct 27

584 Nesan 2 Oct 28 LOC 1 - LOC 5 Mazrim Taim arrives in Caemlyn. Rand takes him to the farm and installs him as the leader there.
LOC 5 In the night, Rand visits Mat in Maerone and tells him of Taim.
586 Nesan 4 Oct 30 LOC 5 In Maerone, Mat meets Olver for the first time.
587 Nesan 5 Oct 31 LOC 5 The Band of the Red Hand leaves Maerone, heading towards Tear.
LOC 6 Sammael visits Graendal in her palace in Arad Doman.
LOC 6 Semirhage tortures Cabriana Mecandes and her Warder.
LOC 17 Mangin kills a Cairhienin man for displaying a Dragon tattoo.
588 Nesan 6 Nov 01 LOC 7 Sheriam's group practice in Tel'aran'rhiod and are almost caught in a nightmare. They learn of Elaida's embassy to Rand. Demandred observes Elayne visiting the Throne Room in the Caemlyn of Tel'aran'rhiod.
LOC 10 Rand invites Dyelin Taravin, Ellorien Traemane and Pelivar Coelan, who have secretly entered Caemlyn, to meet with him.
589 Nesan 7 Nov 02 LOC 8 Tarna Feir, a Red Ajah emissary from Elaida, arrives in Salidar.
LOC 9 Niall tells Morgase of Galad's becoming a Whitecloak.
LOC 10 Verin and Alanna arrive in Caemlyn with the Two Rivers girls.

The Wise Ones meet with Sheriam's group.
590 Nesan 8 Nov 03 LOC 9 Pedron Niall receives a message telling of the Seanchan in Tarabon. Fullmoon.png
591 Nesan 9 Nov 04 LOC 10 - LOC 11 Rand finds out Verin and Alanna are in Caemlyn with the Two Rivers girls, and visits them. Alanna bonds Rand.
592 Nesan 10 Nov 05 LOC 12 - LOC 14 Nynaeve eavesdrops on the meeting between Tarna and the Hall. That evening, she and Elayne find the Bowl of the Winds in the Ebou Dar of Tel'aran'rhiod. A bubble of evil strikes Salidar, and Nicola Treehill has a Foretelling.
593 Nesan 11 Nov 06 LOC 15 Tarna Feir leaves Salidar.
LOC 16 - LOC 18 Rand meets with Dyelin and other nobles. Andris, an emissary from Sammael arrives with an offer of a truce, which Rand rejects. He goes to Cairhien, where a Sea Folk ship arrived that morning, and sentences Mangin to hanging for murder.
594 Nesan 12 Nov 07 LOC 19 - LOC 21 Rand returns to Caemlyn, meets a delegation of Ogier led by Elder Haman, and goes to Shadar Logoth to ward the Waygate there. Liah is lost in the city.
596 Nesan 14 Nov 09
The Wise Ones meet with Sheriam's group.
597 Nesan 15 Nov 10

598 Nesan 16 Nov 11 LOC 22 Halfway to Tear, Mat and the Band find a slaughtered Tinker caravan.
599 Nesan 17 Nov 12 LOC 23 Graendal visits Sammael in Illian. He convinces her the Dark One has named him Nae'blis.
600 Nesan 18 Nov 13 LOC 24 The Tower embassy arrives in Cairhien. The Wise Ones decide Egwene is ready to return to Tel'aran'rhiod.
601 Nesan 19 Nov 14 LOC 25 Egwene eavesdrops on the Tower embassy in Arilyn Dhulaine's palace, and runs into Gawyn Trakand.
602 Nesan 20 Nov 15 LOC 26 Rand is attacked by Whitecloaks under Padan Fain's control.
603 Nesan 21 Nov 16 LOC 27 Egwene meets with Gawyn. Rand goes to Cairhien and meets the Tower delegation.
LOC 29 The Wise Ones meet with Sheriam's group.
LOC 29 Theodrin gets Nynaeve drunk in an effort to break her block.
604 Nesan 22 Nov 17 LOC 28 Rand returns to Caemlyn, receives a letter from Alliandre Maritha Kigarin, queen of Ghealdan, and is attacked by a Gray Man, who is killed by Taim.
LOC 29 - LOC 30 Adeleas and Vandene arrive in Salidar. Thom and Juilin return from Amadicia. Nynaeve Heals Logain, Siuan and Leane. The Hall reinstates Siuan and Leane as Aes Sedai.
605 Nesan 23 Nov 18 LOC 30 Halima Saranov arrives in Salidar, and becomes secretary to Delana Mosalaine. Newmoon.png
606 Nesan 24 Nov 19 LOC 32 Aeron and some other Wise Ones get some Maidens to try and spy on the Tower embassy, but they are caught.
607 Nesan 25 Nov 20 LOC 32 Egwene goes out to the Sea Folk ship, but they refuse to allow her on board. That night, Bair and Amys allow her back into Tel'aran'rhiod, as a test.
609 Nesan 27 Nov 22 LOC 31 Eamon Valda returns to Amador from Tar Valon. Morgase sees Paitr hanged, and agrees to sign a treaty allowing the Whitecloaks into Andor.
610 Nesan 28 Nov 23 LOC 32 Egwene and the Wise Ones meet with Sheriam's group, who summon Egwene to them.
LOC 33 Rand learns the location of Salidar and sends Mat there to get Elayne.
LOC 34 - LOC 35 Egwene meets her toh, goes to Salidar, and is chosen as Amyrlin Seat.
611 Danu 1 Nov 24 LOC 36 - LOC 37 Egwene is formally raised Amyrlin, with Sheriam as her Keeper. Theodrin, Faolain, Nynaeve and Elayne are raised to full Aes Sedai. Egwene takes control of Moghedien's a'dam.
612 Danu 2 Nov 25 LOC 38 Olver tries to attack Aviendha.
613 Danu 3 Nov 26

614 Danu 4 Nov 27 LOC 38 - LOC 40 Mat arrives in Salidar, to discover Egwene is Amyrlin. Elayne meets Aviendha.
LOC 41 - LOC 43 Min and the Salidar embassy arrive in Caemlyn. Rand visits the farm and warns Taim to keep the Asha'man away from Caemlyn. Merana Ambrey, Seonid Traighan and Masuri Sokawa meet with Rand in the afternoon.
LOC 44 Mat dances with Halima, who channels at him.
615 Danu 5 Nov 28 LOC 44 Mat finds Olver has followed him into Salidar.
LOC 45 Merana and another two of the Salidar embassy meet with Rand.
WH Prologue Construction of the wall around the Black Tower begins.
616 Danu 6 Nov 29 LOC 44 Egwene persuades Mat to accompany Nynaeve and Elayne to Ebou Dar.
LOC 45 Merana, Rafela Cindal and another of the embassy meet with Rand.
LOC 46 Min sees Merana meeting with Pelivar Coelan.
617 Danu 7 Nov 30 LOC 44 Elayne makes a gateway into Altara, a few days ride to Ebou Dar. That evening, Elayne demands the foxhead medallion from Mat; he refuses. The rebel Aes Sedai leave Salidar.
LOC 45 Perrin and the Two Rivers men arrive in Caemlyn.
LOC 46 Perrin meets Faile's parents, Davram Bashere and Deira ni Ghaline t'Bashere. Demira Eriff is attacked by "Aiel".
ACOS 9 Message from Merana arrives in Salidar, telling of the initial meeting with Rand.
618 Danu 8 Dec 01 LOC 47 Mat's party joins the road to Ebou Dar.
619 Danu 9 Dec 02 LOC 47 Mat's party stay the night at The Marriage Knife.
620 Danu 10 Dec 03 LOC 47 Mat's party stay the night at The Southern Hoop. Adeleas discovers Mat's medallion does not protect against indirect uses of the Power. Fullmoon.png
621 Danu 11 Dec 04 LOC 47 Mat's party arrives at Ebou Dar. Mat takes a room at The Wandering Woman.
LOC 48 The girls go to the Tarasin Palace and talk with Queen Tylin Quintara Mitsobar.
622 Danu 12 Dec 05 LOC 49 Loial arrives in Caemlyn. Seven of the Salidar embassy go to the palace in an attempt to intimidate Rand. Kiruna and Bera arrive and take control of the Salidar embassy, bringing the number of Aes Sedai to thirteen. Rand takes Min, Perrin and Faile to Cairhien.
LOC 50 Rand takes to his bed. Coiren sends a note asking to meet Rand; he declines. Berelain begins flirting with Perrin.
623 Danu 13 Dec 06 LOC 50 Rand tells Berelain he intends Elayne to rule Cairhien.
625 Danu 15 Dec 08 LOC 50 Coiren sends a second note asking to meet Rand; he declines.
626 Danu 16 Dec 09 LOC 50 Min views the Tairen nobles meeting Rand; she sees death for Aracome, Maraconn and Gueyam.
627 Danu 17 Dec 10 LOC 50 Perrin goes hunting with Gaul to escape Berelain. Lastq.png
628 Danu 18 Dec 11 LOC 50 Coiren sends a third note asking to meet Rand; he declines.
629 Danu 19 Dec 12 LOC 52 Egwene meets with Bair and Melaine in Tel'aran'rhiod.
631 Danu 21 Dec 14 LOC 50 Coiren sends a fourth note asking to meet Rand; he accepts.
632 Danu 22 Dec 15 LOC 51 Rand and Min are captured by the Tower Aes Sedai.
LOC 52 Elayne and Nynaeve search the Rahad, and see a Wise Woman, Asra, channeling saidar.
LOC 52 Egwene meets Elayne and Nynaeve in Tel'aran'rhiod. She arranges for Logain to escape.
LOC 52 Myrelle Berengari finds Lan Mandragoran.
635 Danu 25 Dec 18 LOC 53 The Tower Aes Sedai start back to Tar Valon with Rand and Min. Newmoon.png
637 Danu 27 Dec 20 LOC 53 Colavaere Saighan meets with her allies, plotting to gain the Sun Throne.
LOC 53 Rand kills two of Erian Boroleos's Warders when he discovers Min is also held captive by the Tower Aes Sedai.
ACOS Prologue A message from Galina Casban telling of Rand's capture arrives at the White Tower.
638 Danu 28 Dec 21 LOC 53 The Feast of Lights. Maringil and Meilan Mendiana are found dead, killed by Colavaere. The Shaido move south in force from Kinslayer's Dagger. Perrin realizes Rand has been taken. Rand is displayed to Sevanna. Her Wise Ones kill Desaine.