"She knew he had resisted admitting his love for Nynaeve. Some nonsense about how he was bound to be killed sooner or later and did not want to leave her a widow; men always did spout drivel when they thought they were being logical and practical."
   — Egwene's thoughts about Lan

External summary

<<<   A Morning of Victory    >>>
Setting: Rebel Aes Sedai camp, south of Lugard

Point of view: Egwene al'Vere

Egwene rides with Siuan Sanche, Myrelle, and Gareth Bryne. They discuss the Band of the Red Hand and Talmanes. A caravan is encountered and rumors of Rand being taken to swear fealty to Elaida in Tar Valon are about to spread. Egwene plans to make an announcement to the soldiers that this is untrue, which she knows from her conversations with Amys and Bair in Tel'aran'rhiod the night prior.

After dismissing Gareth, Siuan leads the women through the nearby forest, and it becomes clear she is leading them to a secret place, although Egwene does not quite know what is going on. Eventually it becomes clear Myrelle has been hiding something, and Myrelle leads on to an encampment where they find Lan. He has had a disease of the mind since Moiraine's death, with hollow laughter behind his cold blue eyes. Egwene realizes that Myrelle has bonded him and although she is trying to help him recover, she also bonded him without his consent, a serious crime in the eyes of Aes Sedai. She has also been bedding him. Egwene decides Lan needs a mission that requires him to stay alive, and weaves a Gateway for Skimming and takes him 5 days north of Ebou Dar, with instructions to keep Nynaeve safe.

When Egwene returns she convinces Myrelle and Nisao that swearing to her will be better than the punishment they will receive from the Hall for taking Lan's bond without his consent. She plans to force the rest of the Salidar Six to swear to her also.

Back at the camp she reads the proposals from Romanda and Lelaine to address the Black Ajah. Halima comes in to her tent to help with her headaches and mentions Delana has a proposal about the Black Ajah she plans to put before the Hall.







Caution until you're sure, and then a little more caution. -Old saying

An ignorant woman who keeps her mouth shut will be thought wise. -Saying

Keeping the first secret always means keeping ten more. -Saying

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