"A man is a maze of brambles in darkness, and even he does not know the way."
   — Saying in Ebou Dar

External summary

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Setting: Tarasin Palace, Ebou Dar

Point of view: Matrim Cauthon

Mat returns to the Wandering Woman from his visit to the Palace, feeling fortunate to have escaped from Tylin. Mat arranges for Vanin and Harnan to begin watching Carridin after he explains the Darkfriend he saw visiting. Upstairs on the way to his room he is attacked and ends up killing two men sent to abduct him.

He finds a note in his pocket warning that Nynaeve and Elayne need to be more careful if they want to avoid being sent back to the White Tower. Mat figures either Joline or Teslyn must have slipped him the note since they were the only two who came close enough. Despite the kidnapping attempt, the dice are still rolling in his head.

Point of view: Joline Maza

Teslyn tries to convince Joline that they should be trying to get Elayne and Nynaeve back to the Tower. Bringing Mat and Aviendha would be a bonus. Joline convinces her that there is no rush and they are both upset with Elaida for sending them to Ebou Dar.

Point of view: Falion Bhoda

Falion is torturing one of the Wise Women of Ebou Dar for information on the cache of ter'angreal that they seek but accidentally kills her, instead. Arnin and Nad are ordered to dispose of the body. She and Ispan are still following orders from Moghedien even though the Forsaken has not contacted them for a long time. Falion no longer believes there is a cache to be found. Instead she believes they should capture Nynaeve for Moghedien and perhaps Elayne also.

Point of view: Noal Charin

Noal is watching a goldsmith's house where two Aes Sedai are staying. He sees two men leaving the house with a wheelbarrow and wonders what they are up to. He touches his forehead, trying to remember something, but all he knows is that it is something he has to remember soon.