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Setting: Amador, Fortress of the Light

Point of view: Morgase Trakand


Rhadam Asunawa has begun torturing Morgase to gain a confession that will let him hang her. Eamon Valda has forced her into his bed. The combination has left Morgase very depressed until Breane shocks her back to awareness with some frank talk. Tallanvor rushes into her bedroom and Basel Gill explains that he saw a very large bird land on top of one of the buildings. A battle begins in the fortress and Tallanvor correctly guesses it is the Seanchan. While they wait, Morgase senses the One Power being used as part of the fighting.

Seanchan soldiers arrive and take Morgase to the High Lady Suroth. Suroth shows off her pet lopar and her damane, Jinjin and Pura. Pura was once Aes Sedai. Suroth explains that the Empress is a descendant of Artur Paendrag Tanreall and they have returned to take back the lands that were once his. Suroth commands Thera to perform a ritualized dance and then comments to Morgase that she is the former Panarch of Tarabon. Suroth strongly suggests Morgase either swear to the Seanchan or she will be made da'covale like Thera. Once returned to her rooms, Morgase decides to rescind all rights to the throne so Elayne can ascend to the throne without interference. Sebban Balwer arrives and helps Morgase and her followers escape from the Seanchan and leave Amadicia.





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