"It's always a man's fault."
   — Saying in the Two Rivers

External summary

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Setting: Cairhien (city), Ghealdan

Point of view: Perrin Aybara


Perrin is preparing to leave Cairhien. As he departs, he notices that Rand's servants in the palace have adopted black livery. He then recalls why he is leaving the palace: Rand threw him against a column in front of a room of nobles. All of them turned away except Dobraine. Perrin and Rand had argued about how the Aes Sedai had been "handed over" to the Wise Ones and Rand ordered Perrin out of Cairhien as a result of their disagreement.

On his way to the stables, Perrin encounters Loial, who has been given a commission. Loial announces that he and Karldin are to go to each stedding to warn the Ogier that the Waygates are being used by Shadowspawn and close them, if necessary. Perrin suggests that Loial should remember to keep quiet about the Waygates; Perrin then leaves, believing he will never see Loial again. He meets with Faile north of the city. Faile still has a jealous scent since Berelain is also going with the party. All of the Two Rivers men, a large group of Mayeners, and a few Aiel and Wise Ones make a considerable force under his command. Using Gateways opened by Neald and Grady, his party Travels to Ghealdan. Perrin enters a forest to the east and meets with Aram and Faile. Faile has a number of people accompanying her, including Bain, Chiad, Gaul, Selande, Camaille, and Seonid. Some Cairhien citizens also join in.

At their destination, which Perrin reveals to be Ghealdan, Perrin informs them that they have a mission. They are to track down the Prophet of the Dragon and tell him to stop his reign of fear, and then they are to bring him and his followers back to Rand. The troupe waiting for him shows their enthusiasm for this task with a great deal of exuberance. As a side mission, they are to convince the Queen of Ghealdan, Alliandre, that they are not an invading force—which is why Berelain has been brought along.






Memorable Quotations

"Blue ice would have been warm and soft beside them."
   —Describing Rand's eyes when he orders Perrin out of his sight.
"Quick words make long troubles."
   —Loial commenting on Rand's actions towards Perrin.

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