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Setting: Ebou Dar, Tarasin Palace

Point of view: Elayne Trakand

Merilille leads a trial against Elayne in the presence of other Salidar Aes Sedai including Adeleas and Vandene. She and Nynaeve are accused of seeking knowledge of the Kin, which is prohibited. In their opinion it doesn't matter that Elayne and Nynaeve were never told that it was prohibited. Pol rushes in with a letter from Jaichim Carridin, delivered by Tylin, which Elayne reads. Therein, Carridin states that Morgase is alive and he offers Elayne protection across Altara to visit her, where she is currently under the protection of the Whitecloaks and Pedron Niall. Furious and disbelieving, Elayne throws the letter and uses Fire to burn it.

Incensed and energized, she rounds on Merilille and reminds all present that she and Nynaeve are Aes Sedai with the authority of the Amyrlin. Elayne's authority from the Amyrlin supersedes their own from the Hall of the Tower. The other Aes Sedai agree that she has authority over them. Adeleas, Vandene, and Merilille explain that the Tower has known about the Kin for hundreds of years, and that they rely on the Kin's network to track down and find runaways. Eventually all present apologize to Elayne and pledge to help her. The Tower believes the Kin is a small group but Elayne tells them that it is not the case.

Point of view: Moghedien

Moghedien spots Nynaeve getting onto a ship with a red cabin, then uses compulsion to have an innkeeper show her a roof in Ebou Dar. She sees the ship with the red cabin in the river and uses balefire to destroy it. At the last moment, pigeons erupt from the roof and startle her, causing her to miss the cabin. Instead the balefire splits the boat in two and its halves sink. She rushes into her coach, fearful that the entire city is now alert to her use of saidar.








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