"Twelve out of thirty-nine. The Tower had not suffered a disaster of this magnitude even during the Trolloc Wars."
For the chapter with the same title in The Gathering Storm, see The Gathering Storm/Chapter 43.

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Setting: The White Tower

Point of view: Elaida

Elaida dreams that she is bringing the rebellious Aes Sedai to heel, stilling some and birching others. Alviarin wakes her with news from Dumai's Wells. Covarla is the highest ranking sister to return alive, and informs them of the appearance of hundreds of Asha'man, the White Tower Aes Sedai's defeat, and Rand's escape. Only twelve of thirty nine Aes Sedai have returned to the White Tower from the battle. After Covarla is dismissed, Elaida wishes to resume the offensive. Alviarin tells Elaida that she will suffer Siuan Sanche's fate if the rest of the Tower learns of her catastrophic failures, and that she must follow Alviarin's orders henceforward.

Specifically, Alviarin wishes the Tower guard to be increased and wants Elaida to search the rooms of two sisters on the morrow and punish them for minor infractions and to elevate three other sisters (to all appearances for turning them in).

Elaida starts thinking about how she can get rid of Alviarin without repercussions to herself.

Point of view: Alviarin Freidhen

Alviarin leaves Elaida's chambers, realizing that events are moving inexorably towards Elaida's deposition, and perhaps her own ascendance to the seven-striped stole. However, she does not know Mesaana's plans as yet.

Point of view: Seaine Herimon

Elaida approaches Seaine Herimon in her Sitter's quarters, instructing her to seek out treason in the Tower and report only to her. After Elaida departs, Seaine concludes that she must have been speaking about the Black Ajah. She breaks her oath to Elaida and tells her best friend, Red Sitter Pevara Tazanovni, about the inquiry and they agree to help one another. She notices a lot of discord between the Ajahs. She chose Pevara because her family was murdered by Darkfriends and because of that Pevara has been relentless in seeking out Darkfriends.





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