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Setting: Kinslayer's Dagger


Point of view: Galina Casban

Galina is captive of the Shaido Aiel. She has been the head of the Red Ajah for nearly twenty years and in the Black Ajah for over eighty years. She is exhausted from running with bare feet and her hands tied behind her. A very weak Wise One holds her shield. Her punishments have been severe for the two times she tried to escape and she plans to wait until she is sure of success before trying again. They meet up with Sevanna at a camp in Kinslayer's Dagger. Sevana declares her da'tsang, forced to wear a black robe which absorbs the suns heat.

Point of view: Sevanna

Sevanna wishes to break Galina so she will channel at her order since she cannot channel herself. Caddar arrives and brings an oath rod which can be used to make oaths binding. Caddar has brought what he claims are travelling boxes so the Aiel can move to another area. He also claims that Rand's Aiel could be here soon so they should leave immediately.

Point of view: Maeric

Maeric is travelling to a new area with the help of Caddar. He is using a different Gateway than Sevanna and most of the Wise Ones. He hopes to go to Rhuidean soon to become the Shaido clan chief. Suddenly the Gateway closes cutting a number of Aiel in to pieces. He finds himself in a trap with other Aiel and wetlanders on horses nearby moving to attack.

Point of view: Graendal

Graendal comments to Sammael about calling the call boxes a "fool box" even though it was in the Old Tongue. They each return to their own palaces.

Point of view: Shaidar Haran

Shaidar Haran was spying on Sammael and Graendal and wonders if they are sowing chaos as they should or if they have some other plan. He feels weak and must return to Shayol Ghul soon.





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