"Colavaere Saighan, by my immortal soul, under the Light, I, Dobraine, High Seat of House Taborwin, do arraign and censure you of treason, the penalty for which is death."
   — Dobraine Taborwin

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<<<   A Broken Crown    >>>
Setting: The Sun Palace

Point of view: Perrin Aybara


Rand and his entourage enter the Grand Hall of the Sun. Rand confronts Colavaere, confirming that he means the Sun Throne for Elayne. Colavaere objects. Rand pulls the Sun Crown out of her hair, snapping it in the process and then mending it with saidin. Colavaere pleads her right to the throne with Rand. Perrin accuses her of murdering the Lords Maringil and Meilan and asks the whereabouts of Berelain, gaining an icy look from Faile. Colavaere refutes the accusations and since Rand shows no reaction, calls for Annoura Larisen to advise her. Annoura introduces herself to Rand and explains that she is Berelain's adviser, not Colavaere's, regardless of what she had let Colavaere think. Rand informs her that he is not the one that has shielded her. The crows realize that the black-coated men must be male channelers. Faile then speaks up and reveals Colavaere's treason: plotting to break her oaths of fealty and sending the Aiel out of Cairhien. Further she reports the vanishing of the maid Maire, whom Colavaere had confided in. Dobraine formally accuses Colavaere of treason, for which the penalty is death. She denies the charges. Annoura then relates the story of Berelain's thief-catchers and that they found Maringil's and Meilan's murderers. They had confessed before Annoura and named Colavaere as initiator of the murders. Dobraine adds murder to the charge of treason, for which the penalty is death by hanging―"like a commoner". Colavaere, overwhelmed by the evidence and penalty, demands the headsman instead of being hanged for murders.

Rand, troubled by Min's viewing of Colavaere's death, seeks a way out of having to order another woman killed. The Dragon Reborn strips Colavaere of all her titles, lands, estates, and possessions and exiles her to a small farm near the Dragonwall. Colavaere collapses and Rand catches her with Air and gently lowers her body down. The nobles don't take Rand's verdict easily―they fear losing their nobility more than they fear death. Rand commands Annoura to take him to Berelain and dismisses the audience, saying that he will forget every face that leaves now. The nobles crowd hastily out of the Hall.










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