"The Amyrlin Seat being valued with the White Tower itself, as the very heart of the White Tower, she must not be endangered without dire necessity, therefore unless the White Tower be at war by declaration of the Hall of the Tower, the Amyrlin Seat shall seek the lesser consensus of the Hall of the Tower before deliberately placing herself in the way of any danger, and she shall abide by the consensus that stands."
   —Tower law

External summary

<<<   A Pair of Silverpike    >>>
Setting: Rebel Aes Sedai camp


Point of view: Egwene al'Vere

Egwene has Leane Sharif join her and Siuan Sanche even though it risks revealing that Leane and Siuan are not truly antagonistic towards each other. Egwene wishes them to find out what the can about the man who freed Moghedien. They suggest passing the task to Faolain Orande or Theodrin Dabei.

Egwene is suffering from fairly constant headaches and hasn't been able to find a cure for them. Taking a walk she stops at the Traveling ground where Sisters are returning with pigeons from Salidar with messages from eyes-and-ears across the land. A few days ago Sisters finally admitted to Egwene that the delegation to Rand in Caemlyn has not reported for a while. The first report was positive from the delegations' view point but Egwene doesn't really believe they made a good assessment of Rand. Egwene knows from the Wise Ones that Rand moved to Cairhien, which makes Egwene suspect that Merana has misstepped with Rand. They've also told her that the White Tower delegation has left Cairhien, which feels wrong to Egwene. Egwene mutters that she should go to Rand, but Leane overhears and reminds her that the Amyrlin can not put herself in danger without permission from the Hall.

On her way back from her walk, Nicola Treehill stops her and pleads to be allowed to gain strength faster. Areina Nermasiv is there, too, since she usually keeps company with Nicola. When Egwene refuses, the pair try to blackmail Egwene with information they overheard from Thom and Juilin on the way to Salidar. Egwene threatens them with dire punishments, while inwardly she wonders how much this information could damage her position if it is ever revealed.







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