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<<<   A Shard of a Moment    >>>
Setting: Braem Wood, Tel'aran'rhiod


Point of view: Birgitte Silverbow

Birgitte wonders if being torn out of Tel'aran'rhiod by Moghedien has severed her from the Horn forever. She fears that she has lost Gaidal. She is continuing to lose her past memories.

Birgitte and some Aiel hide in a cave and ambush a Fist of fifty Trollocs which they quickly overcome. They move through the forest, death and decay filling the air. They come across another group of Trollocs, but must retreat as the group is too big for them to fight. Elayne has ordered the human dead recovered, hopefully inspiring fear in the Trollocs when they see only their dead. Elayne's plan is to have small groups of fighters pick off the Trollocs.

Point of view: Rand al'Thor

Rand is in a dreamshard of his own creation. He walks through a peaceful wood and through a valley. He thinks back to his previous life as Lews Therin Telamon and wonders how meditation in dreamshards could have affected his life then. He ignores a dark cave placed before him once, but enters upon seeing it for the second time.

Inside he finds Mierin struggling in a pool of water. She begs him to help her, to release her. Rand sees through the deception and she quickly releases the illusion.

They talk of her captivity and her lust for power, which Rand sees as her motive for everything. He asks her to open herself completely to him, to let him see her true intentions but she refuses. Mierin attempts to play on the love that she believed Lews Therin had for her, but Rand refutes this saying that he never loved her. He then lets go of any feeling he had for her. Rand opens himself to her, showing her his intentions and desires. She sees them as a swirl of color and learns of his plan to kill the Dark One.

After this Rand leaves the cave.

Point of view: Perrin Aybara

Evening has fallen on Braem Wood. Perrin checks on his people, making sure their camp is secure and that they are fed before going to the Aiel encampment. Elayne's forces are doing well against the Shadowspawn but they are outnumbered.

Perrin finds Edarra, a Wise One who stayed with Perrin despite most of her kind going north to Shayol Ghul with Rand. Perrin asks her about Dreamwalking in the flesh, and she replies that it is an evil thing and that he would risk losing a part of himself. She also warns him that if he dies in the flesh there he could die forever. She refuses to speak to him any more on the matter and leaves.




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