"I suspect you have never tried jumping off a cliff before. The fact that you haven't done something shouldn't always be a reason to try it."
   —Pevara Sedai
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External summary

<<<   The Choice of an Ajah    >>>
Setting: Black Tower, Field of Merrilor


Point of view: Pevara

Pevara and Androl speak casually about their mutual distrust and the 'plan' to escape the Black Tower, while Androl continues to work on his saddle. Pevara makes an informed comment about his workmanship, revealing that her uncle was a leatherworker. They are worried that the ongoing storm is a bubble of evil, like one earlier in the week that had caused forty non-channelers to burst into flame. They see ghost in anachronistic clothing wandering through the rain, without getting wet. Androl expresses frustration that Pevara will not believe that saidin is clean, and he asks her about linking. She attempts to show him how to link, and he seizes control of the circle clumsily. He is overwhelmed at the amount of the One Power available to him with Pevara's added strength, and begins lifting objects around the cabin at random. He muses about trying to form a gateway before then experience startles him into releasing the circle. Furious and scared, Pevara bonds Androl to try to gain control over his behavior in the future. Instead he responds by bonding her in return. The double bond appears to create a telepathic link, allowing Pevara access to some of Androl's memories and thoughts. Both are stunned by what they have done, but they try to regain some equanimity just as Evin Vinchova bursts in and says that Welyn Kajima has been turned, along with his Aes Sedai Jenare. They all fear that Logain has been captured, or will be tomorrow when Welyn says he will return; the battle for the Black Tower may have finally begun in earnest.

Point of view: Aviendha

Aviendha stealthily approaches Elayne's tent, at one point hiding herself in the bushes to avoid the guard's notice. She sneaks into the back of Elayne's tent, then waits for Elayne to finish her council. Everyone is startled when they realize she is there, but Elayne laughs it off. Elayne has a letter from Rand arguing for her to retake Caemlyn, but she believes he is trying to put her back up and make her stay for the meeting tomorrow on the Field of Merrilor. She admires him for playing the Game of Houses with her, but also finds him frustrating. Aviendha informs Elayne that she has become a Wise One at last, having been to Rhuidean. She asks Elayne's permission, obliquely, to consummate her relationship with Rand. Elayne grants it, saying this may be the last chance she has before the Last Battle.




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