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Setting: Kandor, Tel'aran'rhiod


Point of view: Egwene al'Vere

Egwene awakens, still hiding under Gawyn's Warder cloak. She is shocked to find that she had fallen asleep. She observes the Sharans rounding up prisoners, and notes the strange tattoos on various Sharans of different stations. As the prisoners are rounded up, a male Sharan channeler uses the Power to brand them with their own tattoos. Suddenly, the air bends and tears, and a man steps through a gateway to the campsite. He regards the new prisoners and praises the Sharans for their work. As he speaks, he seems to sense a female channeler hidden in the camp. Egwene is terrified she has been discovered, until she sees Leane being captured and brought to the man. He introduces himself as Bao, the Wyld, who leads the Sharans. He orders Leane to tell Lews Therin that he has come to slay him. He tells Leane that he was once called Barid Bel and Egwene realizes, to her horror, that the man is Demandred.

Point of view: Perrin Aybara

The wolves tell Perrin that Moonhunter and Heartseeker (unknown to Perrin, except that she must be a Forsaken) walk the dream.

Perrin and Gaul stalk Heartseeker and find her searching through papers in the command tent at the Field of Merrilor. She almost notices them watching, but Perrin creates a wall in front of them, translucent on their side, but colored with the image of what is behind them on the other, so that Hessalam cannot see them. Apparently unable to find what she is looking for, she begins to float toward the black clouds. Perrin follows her into the space between Tel'aran'rhiod and the waking world, where dreams appear as pinpricks of light. He observes Hessalam speaking into a dream. She finally notices him and attacks. He retreats to the Field of Merrilor, where they engage in a battle of wills, using the World of Dreams to attack each other. Perrin imagines Hessalam's mouth stuffed with forkroot, but she is able to spit it out. He imagines ropes, but she incinerates them and steps through a gateway into a mass of Trollocs and Fades. 

Cyndane appears and tells Perrin that should have killed Hessalam. Perrin guessed that the woman was Graendal and Cyndane advises Perrin that they are to use her new name, Hessalam, which means “without forgiveness”. She tells Perrin that he could learn to shift between the dream world and the real world.

She then tells him that Hessalam was invading the dream of Davram Bashere, his wife’s father.





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