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Setting: Tarwin's Gap, Cairhien, Kandor


Point of view: al'Lan Mandragoran

Lan learns that Agelmar has made a mistake by sending two separate reserve forces to the same point. He asks Baldhere how he would go about subtly sabotaging their army, if he could. Kaisel is aghast to hear Lan suspecting Agelmar of betraying them. Baldhere thinks something is wrong with Agelmar.

A messenger arrives with the order to pull the archers from the hilltops, just as Baldhere has suggested to leave their eastern flank open. Hoping all to be just a coincidence, Lan tells the messenger to leave the archers where they are and instead send scouts into those hills to look for a Shadowspawn force sneaking up on them.

    Point of view: Loial

Loial fought alongside the other Ogier against the second Trolloc force. They sing a song of mourning. It pains him to see humans dead around him. Their bravery to fight despite their short life span gives him new determination and he sings a song of life, making the plants around them turn green again.

    Point of view: Matrim Cauthon

Because Mat doesn't trust the accuracy of battle maps, he gets ready to see the battlefield himself. Meanwhile, he opens Min's eyes to how beneficial her newly acquired position as Fortuona's Truthspeaker would be to Rand.

When Fortuona returns, Courtani informs her of Mat's intention. Fortuona plans to accompany him to the battlefield.




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