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<<<   A Brilliant Lance    >>>
Setting: The Field of Merrilor, Shayol Ghul


Point of view: Elayne Trakand

Elayne feels Rand's strength, control and determination through the bond and realises the end has come.

She sees a bright light shoot into the sky.

Point of view: Thomdril Merrilin

From his rock, Thom sees a light shoot out of the cavern from within Shayol Ghul.

Point of view: Elmindreda Farshaw

Min sees the light from Shayol Ghul burn away the clouds as she feels Rand's strength.

Point of view: Aviendha

Aviendha, having survived the gateway explosion, sees the light and realises Rand is winning.

Hessalam bows down before Aviendha and asks how she can serve, the compulsion she had been weaving when the unraveling gateway exploded backfired on her, making her completely loyal to Aviendha.

Point of view: Logain Ablar

After dealing with the Trollocs, Androl approaches and tells Logain that Polov Heights has been destroyed, meaning the Sakarnen is lost. He cannot wrap his head around why he gave up that type of power for people who will hate him - until he sees they are looking at him with awe, thanking and praising him and his Asha'man. One woman tells him she will have her son tested as soon as he is old enough to see if he has the talent.

He feels the light from Shayol Ghul and Gabrelle hands him the Seals, telling him it is time.

He breaks them.






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