EWoT: Abell Cauthon

Abell Cauthon is a farmer and horse trader from Emond's Field in the Two Rivers.[2] He is married to Natti Cauthon and they have five children: Matrim, Eldrin, Bodewhin and two other daughters.[3] Abell serves on the Village Council of Emond's Field.[4]

Appearance & Abilities

By 998 NE Abell was middle-aged and resembled an older, graying version of his son Matrim Cauthon. He is well known as being an expert with both the quarterstaff and the Two Rivers Longbow.[3] Abell is also widely regarded as being the finest horse trader in the Two Rivers; always seemingly able to secure a superior trade with either outlander merchants or Taren Ferry men.[3]


Abell was born near Emond's Field in 955 NE to a family of farmers. He spent his youth in and around the Emond's Field area and became well knowledgeable of the terrain of the Westwood and the Waterwood. He married his wife Natti circa 975 NE and settled in the middle of the Emond's Field village where he raised five children.


Sometime after Rand, Mat, Perrin and the others left Emond's Field, he journeyed to Tar Valon with Tam al'Thor to find out what happened to his son and the others.[5][6]

When Perrin Aybara comes home to Emond's Field, Marin al'Vere tells him that Abell and Tam al'Thor managed to escape when the Whitecloaks arrested Abell's family and the Luhhan's, and that they are hiding somewhere in the Westwood.[7] Her husband says that Padan Fain has offered two hundred pieces of gold for Tam and Abell. The Whitecloaks have also burned Abell's house.

During the fighting with Trollocs in Emond's Field, Abell shows himself to be a very capable fighter and he and Tam help Perrin with the planning on more than one occasion.

He participates in the Battle of Emond's Field.[8]

Abell becomes one of the commanding officers in Perrin's army. The officers discuss with Elayne Trakand information gathered from all the war-fronts.


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