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Adan was a Da'shain Aiel during the Breaking and the son of the leader, Jonai. His story is learned from Rand's visions in the ter'angreal of Rhuidean.

Ancestry of Rand al'Thor

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Appearance and Family

He was tall, with blue eyes. His mother was Jonai's wife, Alnora who was a Dreamwalker. He had two siblings: William, who had to be sent away when he began go channel and couldn't stop and Esole who died very young in a sickness.


Adan's wife Siedre was killed at a raid of men with swords and spears and bows when his grandchildren Maigran and Lewin were five and six years old. During their wander from Paaran Disen he has lost his daughter Sorelle at the age of twenty, who most probably died in Channeling sickness, his son Jaren at the age nineteen committing suicide after he discovered he could channel, Elwin at age of ten died of hunger, Marind, father of Maigran and Lewin died as first victim of the raid what killed Siedre too.

His last living daughter Rhea was taken away by the raiders.

After the raid the first split of the Aiel happens. Sulwin decides to follow the Aes Sedai order to find a place of safety and "sing again". They want to find the Song. They become the Tuatha'an.

Adan was one of Rand's ancestors, and likely the progenitor of the Andoran royal line as well, through Rhea.[1] [verify]


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