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Aiden Shimura is an Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah.[1]


She is a shy, withdrawn woman.

She is round and very dark, even darker than Zemaille.[2] She has black hair and dark eyes.


As with the other Aes Sedai of Atha'an Miere origin, Aiden is relatively weak in the One Power.


Aiden lied about her age when she enrolled as a novice.

She is one of the few Atha'an Miere sisters and works in the White Tower Library, along with Nyein and Zemaille, the other Sea Folk Aes Sedai. They tend to stay alone on the upper levels of the library with the secret records.

At the time of the Dragon Reborn's birth, there were four Sea Folk Aes Sedai in the White Tower, and two of them were almost 300 years old. Aiden is one of the younger two.


She is in the library when Alviarin Freidhen is creeping around the 9th Depository. Her presence saves Zemaille from death at the Black sister's hand. [2]