EWoT: Ailron Rovere Lukan

King Ailron Rovere Lukan was said to be anointed by the Light, King and Defender of Amadicia, Guardian of the Southern Gate. Although he was ruler of Amadicia, it was Pedron Niall who actually held all the power.


He had receding, dark wavy hair and a long nose. He was a very delicate man.


When Morgase Trakand fled Andor she sought out King Ailron in the hope of reaching an alliance with him. Their dealings always seemed to come closer to an agreement without ever quite reaching it.

After the Seanchan invasion of the country in early 1000 NE, Ailron fled into the countryside and rallied the nation's fighting men, but his army was crushed at the Battle of Jeramel. Ailron was killed in the fighting.

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