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Aisling Noon is an Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah.[1]

Appearance and Abilities

She is tall with fierce eyes.

In "The Wheel of Time Companion" Aisling's level of strength is described as 16(4), putting her among the high-ranking sisters. This level of strength is enough also to use proficiently the Travel weaves.


Aisling is 46 years old. She was born in 954 NE and went to the Tower in 970 NE. After five years as novice and five as Accepted she was raised to the shawl in the year 980 NE.

Aisling was a Tuatha'an before coming to the White Tower. This probably implies that she was born with the spark. She is given to swearing in very vulgar Borderlander oaths, because she is originally from the Tuatha'an she has learned them because she has lived in Shienar for a long time.

She was fairly dedicated with her studies, which some thought to be unusual for a girl of Tuatha'an heritage. Aisling was close with her classmates, Moiraine Damodred and Siuan Sanche, and was friends with Zemaille din Amassa, who was also unusual for a White Tower initiate as a Sea Folk girl.

She was an Accepted in the White Tower during the Aiel War, when Gitara Moroso had her Foretelling before dying straight afterward. She gathered with her classmates to hear Tamra Ospenya's announcement of the Accepted having to coordinate a record of every woman in the city who had given birth recently, as the Amyrlin wished to donate money to them as a sign of thanksgiving.[2]

Some time after being raised to the shawl, Aisling was appointed as the Aes Sedai advisor to King Easar Togita of Shienar.


After Elaida do Avriny a'Roihan's coup, she disappears from Fal Moran and returns to Tar Valon.

Aisling is in the group of fifty Aes Sedai, led by Toveine Gazal, sent by Elaida to take out the Black Tower. All are captured and bonded by Asha'man. Aisling is bonded by Arel Malevin.

She Travels with Malevin and Logain Ablar to Tear to find Rand al'Thor. She takes part in the battle against the Trollocs that attack Algarin Pendaloan's manor. She is then part of the group that burns all the bodies left behind afterwards: Arel Malevin and Aisling Noon are together using the Power and help burn the dead Trollocs after the battle. As Nynaeve al'Meara watches, six fires bloom in front of them.

During the Last Battle on the Field of Merrilor, Arel is one of the few men that stays with Logain after he sends groups of Asha'man and Aes Sedai to try to find the lost Seals. Logain affirms that it was a fortune that at least some of his men as Arel Malevin had been absent when he was captured by Mazrim Taim. We can also suppose that Aisling was with Arel and so she escaped the capture and the forced conversion to the Shadow.


Her name is very similar to the word for "dream" in Aislinge Óenguso, the Dream of Angus, a part of the Mythological Cycle of Irish mythology.


  • Aisling is named for Irish fan of The Wheel of Time, Aisling Ryan. She and Nianh McAuliffe (Nianh) wrote to Robert Jordan in the final year of school, asking him to include them in the series.