For the similarly named Amyrlin Seat raised from the Green Ajah, see Aleis Romlin.

EWoT: Aleis Barsalla

Aleis Barsalla is the First Counsel of Far Madding.


She is tall and stately with long dark hair, which is winged with white. Her face is unlined. Her voice is deep for a woman.


At some point in the past Cadsuane Melaidhrin taught her an embarrassing lesson.


Years later Cadsuane comes back to Far Madding, much to Aleis' dismay. She greets the group Cadsuane brings to Far Madding and reluctantly allows them to stay at her palace. Rand al'Thor and Lan Mandragoran are captured and taken prisoner when channeling is detected by the Guardian in Far Madding around their location. Aleis is aware of Rand being the Dragon Reborn and plans to deliver him to the White Tower. Cadsuane interrupts her meeting with the other Counsels and is forced to break Aleis in order to set Rand free.

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