EWoT: Alesinde

Alesinde (presumed, but not confirmed, to be Alesinde Casalain) was the second Queen of Andor. She was the daughter of Ishara Casalain and Souran Maravaile, the granddaughter of Endara Casalain and great-granddaughter of Joal Ramedar.


The date of Alesinde's birth is not recorded, but is presumed to have been after FY 994. In that year, when her mother convinced her father to lift the siege of Tar Valon, they are recorded as being "lovers," not spouses. In accordance with her mother's treaty of alliance with the Aes Sedai, Alesinde was sent to Tar Valon for schooling in the art of politics.

When her mother died in FY 1020, Alesinde's own brothers had been killed in battle during the War of the Hundred Years, leaving her to take the Lion Throne of Andor. She ruled for fifteen years before dying in FY 1035. Her own sons had likewise been killed in battle, leaving her daughter Melasune to take the Lion Throne in her stead, establishing the precedent that only women may sit the Lion Throne.

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