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Almoth was a nation that arose from the War of the Hundred Years after Artur Hawkwing's empire collapsed.

History and Founding

The region containing Almoth was contained in what was Safer during the Ten Nations era and Darmovan during the Free Years. Darmovan was notable for being the region where Guaire Amalasan rose to power only a few years before the rise of Artur Hawkwing.

It is unknown when Almoth was founded or who founded it. Hawkwing died in FY 994 and the last of the known nations of the New Era to be founded was Altara in FY 1112. Similar to Arad Doman and Tarabon, they claim connections with The Tree of Life (Avendesora). It is said that they actually had a living specimen of the tree, although this is never confirmed and likely just rumor. The tree is incorporated into their banner which is split into two horizontal stripes, blue - for the sky above - and black - for the earth below - with the spreading Tree of Life joining them.[2]

Location and Geography

The region containing the former nation of Almoth.

It lay in the present day Almoth Plain and may or may not have included Toman Head. It is bordered to the east and south-east by the Mountains of Mist and contains Paerish Swar (Darkwood) and Lake Somal, also to the east. There are also Stedding within its borders. To the north is Arad Doman, to the south is Tarabon and to the east are the Two Rivers.

Fall of Almoth

Almoth started to fade away and by 600 NE only a few remnants of its people survived. By 800 NE, even the ghost of the nation had dissapated, leaving no larger settlement than a village or small town.[3] There was no higher authority above a town Council or mayor.[4]

The power vacuum left by the absence of any central authority led to numerous territorial squabbles between Arad Doman and Tarabon and a growing enmity between those two peoples. According to Moiraine and The World of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time, the two nations have fought over the area for almost 300 years.[5] The Companion says "over 400 years".[6] While all sources agree that this never became open war until 999 NE, there have been at least five treaties in an attempt to keep the peace.[5][7] Merana Ambrey was involved in one such treaty signed at Falme in 961 NE, which quickly fell apart.[8][9]

Events and mentions

Pedron Niall intended to rebuild Almoth as part of a Whitecloak empire. Unlike Amadicia, there was no existing monarch to have to mollify. Almoth and Amadicia would then be used as a political vice on Tarabon. He anticipated that the whole area would be under his control within five years.[10]

Most of the refugees that came to the Two Rivers in 999 NE did so from the Almoth plain, bringing cultural elements from that region to western Andor.