Almoth Plain map


Almoth Plain lies on the Aryth Ocean between the nations of Arad Doman to its north and Tarabon to its south, who have squabbled with each other to lay claim to the region for 300 years, since the dissolution of the nation of Almoth. The region is not a united country and has no central government. Each of the independent towns and villages is governed by a mayor and a Village Council. Falme, located on the tip of the Toman Head peninsula, is the region's largest population center. Little more than a large, unwalled town, the streets of Falme are cobblestone and its tall houses are roofed with slate.

Men wear full-sleeved shirts, baggy trousers, and knee-length vests. Women wear long dresses. Both wear long sheepskin coats with the fleece turned in. Clothes are usually decorated with brightly-colored spirals embroidered on the chest.

There is a belief on Toman Head that the armies of Artur Hawkwing sent across the Aryth Ocean centuries ago will one day return. The Watchers Over the Waves have towers on the high cliffs surrounding the harbor at Falme where they keep watch for the return of Hawkwing's descendants.


Almoth Plain and the nearby city of Falme may get their names from Falmouth, a town and port in Cornwall, England or from Falmouth, a town and port in Massachussetts, USA.

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