EWoT: Alric

Aes Sedai flag ajah-warder
Biographical information
Nationality Unknown nationality
Date of death 999 NE
Current status Dead
Physical description
Gender Male
Height Tall
Build Slender
Hair color Gray
Chronological and political information
First mentioned TGH 2
First appeared TSR 47
Last appeared TSR 47
Last mentioned TGS 8
Affiliation White Tower
Occupation Warder
Title Gaidin
Alric was Siuan Sanche's Warder. He had served her for over twenty years.


He was gray-haired, tall and slender.


Siuan bonded Alric around 979 NE.

Alric arrived at Fal Dara with Siuan and the rest of the Amyrlin Seat's group. Before leaving Fal Dara, Siuan sent Alric to a secret mission to the west probably to check on the trouble in Arad Doman[1].

He was killed when Siuan was captured and overthrown by Elaida do Avriny a'Roihan and the Aes Sedai who followed her during the uprising in the White Tower. In fact Alric sensed Siuan's shock and ran to her chambers, but he was stabbed in the anteroom and shortly died[2].

When Siuan's stilling was Healed, all the pain of Alric's loss returned to her fully and Siuan still wept at night for him.


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