EWoT: Alteima

Alteima is the High Lord Tedosian's wife.


She is tall and slender, with large brown eyes,  long black hair and a full bosom.


A dangerous woman who likes to pull puppet strings from the background, Alteima was manipulating her husband and her lover the High Lord Carleon. After Tedosian arranged for the accidental death of her lover, he fell suddenly ill. Rand turns the tables on her by entrusting his care to High Lady Estanda. She is to be sent with the army of Tear to restore order to Cairhien. She faints when she hears this news from Rand.[1]

Instead of following Rand al'Thor's instructions she instead goes to Caemlyn to try and find safety there. While talking in the Throne Room with Morgase Trakand she meets Rahvin and falls under his sway by Compulsion.[2]

Months later a woman fitting her description turns up as one of Graendal's pets under Compulsion. She now resides in Graendal's hiding place on a deserted island in the Aryth Ocean.

However, the Wheel of Time Companion gives her a different fate. After Rahvin's death, his Compulsion fades. Alteima, afraid of returning to Tear, becomes a refugee and a lady's maid.


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