EWoT: Andris

Andris was an Illianer.


Andris had a stub of a nose and a wide, grinning mouth. He had dark eyes and wore a curly beard with no mustache in the Illianer fashion.


Andris was a messenger from "Lord Brend." He brought an offer of a truce between Sammael and Rand al'Thor. When Rand declared that there would be "no truce with the Shadow," Andris started to bleed from his pores and convulse. He collapses and dies in a pool of blood. [1] Due to his manner of death, it seems that he was under severe Compulsion. Later, Sammael tells Graendal that he has a truce with al'Thor. It is unknown if this is a lie on Sammael's part or a misinterpretation of Andris' death.[2]


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