EWoT: Arad Doman

"The more women there are about, the softer a wise man steps."
   —Domani saying

Arad Doman is a country that lies to the far west of the Westlands, along the coast of the Aryth Ocean. The sign of Arad Doman is the Sword and Hand.


Arad Doman is located in the northwest of the Westlands, lying between the Mountains of Mist and the Aryth Ocean. Its capital and principle city is Bandar Eban, located at the mouth of the River Dhagon. Its second-largest city is Katar, near Lake Somal. Due to their distance from the capital, the lords of Katar and the surrounding lands tend towards autonomy and on occasion have to be reminded they are part of the kingdom.

Location within the Westlands


Since the fall of the nation of Almoth, Arad Doman has long maneuvered against Tarabon to gain control of Almoth Plain.


Arad Doman is ruled by an absolute monarchy. The King is elected by the Council of Merchants, comprised mostly of women. The throne is never inherited.

The reigning King of Arad Doman prior to the Last Battle was Alsalam Saeed Almadar. For three hundred years, Arad Doman was at war with Tarabon over possession of Almoth Plain. After Rand al'Thor battles Ba'alzamon in the sky above Falme, Arad Doman fell into civil war between the King's forces and an army of Dragonsworn. In the chaos, King Alsalam goes missing.

Before the arrival of the Dragon Reborn, Arad Doman was decaying due to the interventions of the Forsaken Graendal, posing as the Lady Basene. She was a major contribution to the chaos in the nation.

Arad Doman was briefly under the occupation of Rand al'Thor, the Dragon Reborn, who had begun concentrating his forces there in preparation for Tarmon Gai'don.[1] His steward was Iralin, a former dockmaster who had been newly raised to the Council of Merchants.

After the Last Battle a group of Aes Sedai persuades Rodel Ituralde to become King, informing him that King Alsalam is dead.


Domani women wear diaphanous, form-fitting clothing considered scandalous in most countries, and have raised the practice of seduction to an art. It is said that Domani mothers begin teaching their daughters this business at an early age. Most Domani merchants are women, and few men can best them in a bargaining session. Most men, however, consider losing to be worth the experience.

The Domani trade a great deal with the Sea Folk, and are among the few merchants in the land who can hold their own in bargaining with them.

Horses are an important commodity, especially the famed "razor," prized by nobles; however, few Domani will sell them to outlanders.

Domani cuisine consist of meat and vegetables prepared in slivers, to be eaten with two wooden sticks named sursa.



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