EWoT: Arafel

Arafel is one of the four Borderland nations which lie on the threshold of the Great Blight, sitting between Kandor to the west and Shienar to the east. Arafel's flag is made up of three white roses on a field of red, quartered with three red roses on a field of white.


Arafel stretches from Kandor to the River Mora, which marks its border with Shienar.

13 - Arafel

Location within the Westlands


The nation of Arafel was formed early in the War of the Hundred Years. The governors of Hawkwing's five northern provinces met and agreed to form stable nations to preserve the peace and defend against the Blight. Mahira Svetanya was the first Queen of Arafel.


Arafel is a monarchy. The throne is currently held by King Paitar Nachiman; his sister Kiruna is an Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah. The throne is located in the capital, Shol Arbela.

Fashion and Culture

The Arafellin people often wear bells in their hair which jingle merrily when shaken.

Siuan Sanche mentions that the Arafellin are a fiery people with strange ideas about honor and debts. It is not uncommon for an Arafellin to ask for punishment as a means of restoring their honor.



Arafel is the Hebrew word for fog and may refer to the Apocalypse. It was used by Frank Herbert in the Dune series to refer to an apocalypse.[1] Arbela is the name of a city in the Galilee,[2] as well as a city in Iraq near which Alexander the Great won a major victory.[3]

Arafel is also the main protagonist in the Ealdwood Stories series by C.J. Cherryh. Arafel, is the last of the Daoine Sidhe, the highest ranking of the Sidhe faery-folk, and the series has many parallels in theme and source material inspiration to the Wheel of Time.