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Aramaelle was one of the Ten Nations destroyed in the Trolloc Wars. It was one of the Borderlands of its day, although that term did not come into use until some time later.


In red location within the Ten Nations

Aramaelle was located in the northeast of the Westlands and sprawled over a vast area, stretching from the Blight and the Spine of the World to the headwaters of the Haevin. It was bordered by Jaramide and Aridhol to the west and Coremanda, Tar Valon, and Almoren to the south. Aramaelle's capital city was Mafal Dadaranell (which later became Fal Dara) and its other Ogier-built cities were Anolle'sanna, Cuebiyarsande, and Rahime Naille.

Aramaelle incorporated all of the modern territories of Malkier, Shienar, and Arafel, as well as parts of Kandor. Most of the Black Hills lay within its borders.


Aramaelle was one of the largest and most powerful nations to rise after the Breaking of the World, and seems to have organized itself more quickly than some of the other nations, forging a strong alliance with the Aes Sedai and identifying the still-extant threat from Shadowspawn and Darkfriends. Around the beginning of the third century after the Breaking its queen, Mabriam en Shereed, who was also an Aes Sedai, proposed that the ten nations ally against the remaining threat from the Shadow. With Aes Sedai support, her negotiations were successful and the Compact of the Ten Nations was signed in 209 AB.

Despite Aramaelle's success in forging the treaty, it was the first nation to fall during the Trolloc Wars, with its capital city destroyed.

Following the wars, the nations of Rhamdashar, Elsalam, Roemalle, and Oburun arose from its ruins. Some of the symbols of rule in Aramaelle were passed down to Rhamdashar and eventually to the kings of Malkier.

Ogier-built cities

Compact of the Ten Nations

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