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Aridhol was one of the Ten Nations, allied after the Breaking of the World to preserve society and what remnants of civilization they could. It was located north of present-day Andor, and south of present-day Saldaea in what is now unclaimed territory.


In red location within the Ten Nations

Aridhol stretched along the eastern banks of the River Arinelle and extended eastwards into the thick woodlands between the Haevin and the Ivo. It was bordered by Jaramide to the north, Safer to the west, Manetheren to the south, Coremanda to the east, and Aramaelle to the northeast. [1]

Its capital city was also called Aridhol and it was in the south, a city port along the main Arinelle branch and very close to the border with Manetheren. The ruins of Aridhol are now on the south bank of the Arinelle, while at the time of her splendour Aridhol was on the north bank, this because of the many changes on the river branches during the centuries.[1]

Its other Ogier-built cities were Abor'maseleine and Cyrendemar'naille. [1]

Aridhol's territory today is unclaimed by any nation (save the sliver of land along the south bank of the Arinelle, which technically lies within Andor) and is mostly uninhabited wilderness.


Aridhol was founded out of the chaos of the Breaking of the World, and was brought into the Compact of the Ten Nations by Queen Doreille Torghin in 209 AB. [1] Its name translated into Common Tongue is "Land of Harmony". [2]

Aridhol fought valiantly in the opening stages of the Trolloc Wars, but King Balwen Mayel despaired at any hope of victory for the forces of the Light. A counselor named Mordeth won his ear and advised that in order to defeat the Shadow, Aridhol needed to become crueler and more merciless than its enemies. A dark evil grew in the heart of Aridhol and eventually consumed the capital, transforming it into a dark and foreboding ruin called Shadar Logoth that even the Shadow feared to approach. With the loss of the capital, the rest of the nation quickly collapsed.

The nation of Masenashar arose on the site of Aridhol following the wars.[1]

Ogier-built cities

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