The Aryth Ocean (pronounced: AH-rihth) is the large body of water located to the west of the Westlands. It is called the Eastern Sea by the Seanchan. The Atha'an Miere refuse to cross the Aryth Ocean, claiming that the Isles of the Dead lie on the other side.

Ishamael claims that the ocean is analogous to the World Sea of the Age of Legends. The Aryth Ocean is the largest sea in the world and is considerably larger than the Morenal Ocean that separates Shara from Seanchan. It is unknown why the Seanchan prefer to take the much longer route across the Aryth during their current military campaign, although ocean currents and the weather may play a role.

The Sea Folk island archipelagos of the Aile Jafar, Aile Somera, and Aile Dashar lie in the Aryth Ocean. The island of Tremalking and the peninsula of Windbiter's Finger mark the boundary between the Aryth Ocean and the Sea of Storms. Bandar Eban, Falme, and Tanchico are major ports on the Aryth Ocean in the Westlands, while Shon Kifar and Rampore are major cities on the eastern coast of Seanchan. The town or city of Merinloe also lies close to the Aryth Ocean in Seanchan.

The Dead Sea



The Dead Sea is a stretch of the Aryth which lies north of where the Mountains of Dhoom tumble into the sea, northwest of Saldaea. The reason for this name is unclear, but given the world-encircling nature of the Mountains of Dhoom around the northern polar regions, it is possible that the Blight itself continues under the waves, and the seas in this region are lifeless and hostile.


The name of the Aryth Ocean is an allusion to Arethusa, a nymph in Greek mythology who was turned into a fountain to save her from the river god, Alpheus.

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