EWoT: Astoril Damara

Astoril Damara from House Damara is a Tairen High Lord.


He has an oiled, pointed beard and thinning, shoulder-length, snow white hair. He is elderly and his face is creased with wrinkles, but he is still straight-backed and sharp-eyed. He has dark eyes[1].


During the Aiel War, he was one of the generals of the Grand Alliance and sixth in order of command. He was also, presumably, in charge of the Tairen troops in this conflict.

He is very civil towards Aes Sedai, something that is rare in Tear where channeling was outlawed before Rand changed the law.

He has several daughters, one of which is Medore Damara, a member of Cha Faile[2].

He retired to his country estates years ago, but is still considered among the most powerful High Lord.

Estean Andiama says he will probably flip a coin to see which one of Astoril's daughters he will marry, though he is more interested in farm girls and maids.


When Rand took control of Tear, Lord Astoril remained in the country, waiting the evolving of situation.

Finally Astoril came out of retirement to join Darlin Sisnera[3] inside the Stone of Tear, when Darlin returned in the city and was appointed Steward of the Dragon in Tear[4].

The Stone was under siege by those who wanted the Dragon Reborn out of Tear. Lord Astoril was therefore a supporter of Rand and/or Darlin.

Rand arrived in the Stone of Tear, visiting High Lord Darlin, Lady Caraline and Alanna. Astoril, Anaiyella and Weiramon are with them. Rand ordered Darlin to raise an army to take to Arad Doman. Bera arrived with news that the rebels will settle if Darlin is made King of Tear[1].

Astoril encountering Rand for the first time commented that his arrival was a 'very pleasant surprise' and that he had been looking forward to their first meeting for some time. He treated Nynaeve and Cadsuane Melaidhrin with respect.


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