EWoT: Atal Mishraile

Atal Mishraile is an Asha'man and is loyal to Mazrim Taim.


He is tall and handsome, with long golden shoulder-length hair, broad shoulders and blue eyes. He has a deep voice.


Taim's new recruit

He has been sighted by Logain Ablar's men taking private lessons with Taim. He greets Logain with a message from Taim, saying that he can go out recruiting.

When the six Red Ajah sisters come to ask Taim if they can bond Asha'man as Warders, Mishraile nearly reveals something to them before he is knocked unconscious by a blow to the head with Air. Taim will only allow him to be Healed if he survives the night.

He becomes a trusted member of Taim's forces, staying with him even after the fall of the Black Tower. He becomes a Darkfriend without being Turned. Mishraile arrives with Mezar Kurin and Coteren, the later informing that Androl Genhald has been demoted to Soldier. This just about causes a confrontation between the last of Logain's followers and Taims men. When Androl is captured, Mishraile gloats that they will all be Turned to the Shadow, although it wasn't needed for him as he came willingly. Mishraile helps bring in Toveine Gazal. He is charged by Taim to Turn her before he gets back. Mishraile scuffles on the ground with Evin Vinchova after Evin had killed Abors. Evin is killed by Taim. Mishraile manages to escape with Taim when Androl and his group of loyal Logain supporters attack them.

The Last Battle

He is seen fighting along side Taim at the Heights, but when Taim falls from The Flame of Tar Valon, he escapes. He is later seen with Alviarin and Varil Nensen, along with sisters from the Black Ajah. While seemingly chasing Rand al'Thor, who is Androl Genhald in disguise, through a gateway, he and his group are unknowingly led into an Ogier stedding, Stedding Sholoon. Lindsar, Eldest of Stedding Sholoon, thinks a few decades in the stedding might make the Friends of the Dark reconsider their path.