EWoT: Bael

Bael is the clan chief of the Goshien Aiel and is married to Dorindha and Melaine.


He is a very tall man, even by Aiel standards, with graying red hair and a deep voice.


His clan had a blood feud with Jheran's Shaarad clan. Before becoming a clan chief, he was of the Sovin Nai society.


He is present at Alcair Dal when Rand al'Thor declares himself Car'a'carn at the same time as Couladin.[1] After this, he takes his clan to Rhuidean and waits for the rest of the clans to gather there.[2]

Later, while the Aiel are on their way to cross the Dragonwall he marries the Wise One Melaine. Due to Rand's ta'veren nature he heals the blood feud with the Shaarad Clan by taking a water oath with Jheran. He becomes one of Rand's most trusted Aiel clan chiefs, along with Rhuarc, and is part of the group that attacks Rahvin in Caemlyn.

He is in charge of all the Aiel in Andor with Rhuarc in Cairhien. Rand meets with Bael after he had been rescued from the White Tower Aes Sedai, and initiates the strike on Illian.

On request by Elayne Trakand, he is asked to withdraw all his Aiel troops from Caemlyn. He has now camped outside the city and is forced to watch the siege against it without interfering.

Restoring order to Arad Doman

Months later he Travels with the rest of his clan to Arad Doman. There, he is required by Rand to bring peace to the war torn country. He then meets with Rand and is reprimanded for taking too long in bringing order. He is then given orders to try and capture all the missing Council of Merchants in order to force them to appoint a new ruler.

Bael is present during the signing of the Dragon's Peace. Rand originally leave the Aiel out of the document, but after Aviendha brings this up, it is amended. The Aiel are to become the neutral enforcers of the Dragon's Peace, settling any border dispute's are tracking down criminals across different nations as they see fit.


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