Bandar Eban

Bandar Eban

Bandar Eban is the capital of Arad Doman and the prime port city of the northwest. It is located on the coast of the Aryth Ocean, lying on the mouth of the river Dhagon.

Massive gates penetrated the city walls and opened up to streets of packed earth, with wooden boardwalks at the sides. Arandi Square, the main city square, was set with copper fountains in the shape of horses leaping from a frothy wave. The buildings were tall and square, shaped like boxes stacked atop one another. Rows of square wooden houses filled the city, rolling down a gentle incline to the massive port, the widest part of the city. Banners flew above, or hung from every building, some used as business signs, family names, or location names. The wealthy part of the city was located on the heights in the east. One of the grandest mansions was the seat of House Chadmar. There was a king's palace, but it was inferior to the homes of the Council of Merchants. Bandar Eban's Terhana Library was considered to be among the best in the world.[1] According to Cadsuane Melaidhrin one of the greatest as well.


The dock where the fishermen dump their waste is called Gull's Feast. It was built over the ruins of Allorallen, a city of Jaramide destroyed during the Trolloc Wars.[2]

After his revelation on the Dragonmount, Rand al'Thor visits Bandar Eban with Min and, seeing the people of the city in such a bad condition, he starts organising and cleaning things up, as well as arranging Healing and food for them.[3]

Western Lands

The location of Bandar Eban in the Westlands


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