You were right about Bela, Rand. She has a good heart, and as much stubbornness as the rest of you Two Rivers Folk. Strange as it seems, she may be the least weary of all.Moiraine Damodred

Bela is the shaggy brown mare owned by Tam al'Thor, ridden by Egwene al'Vere on Winternight 998 NE in her escape from the Two Rivers after Trollocs attacked Emond's Field seeking Rand, Mat, and Perrin.[1] Egwene rode the horse to Tar Valon, and Siuan Sanche used her to escape from Tar Valon.

Egwene also rode a dream version of Bela to Salidar from the Aiel camp in Cairhien through Tel'aran'rhiod.[2] Egwene rode the real Bela out to conduct her nighttime raid on the chains outside Tar Valon during the siege.[3]

Bela was also ridden by Siuan twice: once when Siuan escaped the White Tower, and the second time when when she went into Tar Valon to rescue Egwene.[4] She can be assumed to have returned to the White Tower with the rest of the rebel Aes Sedai.

Bela is taken on Faile's ill-fated mission to fetch the Horn of Valere. After Olver is left with the Horn, he jumps on her to escape the Trolloc camp. She is hit in the flank by a Trolloc arrow and dies. However, according to "The Wheel of Time Companion", Bela unaccountably survived.

Fan theories

A frequently made joke is that Bela is none other than the Creator, quietly overseeing the world in this time of great turmoil. The "evidence" of this is primarily based on how often Bela shows up; she is present right from the start, and is mentioned or seen more often than all but the most primary of characters. In addition, she has lived and stayed in the story longer than almost any other mount, despite being present at the Eye of the World in the Blight,[5] the Ways,[6] Falme,[7] Tar Valon during the breaking of the White Tower,[8] and Salidar during the bubble of evil.[9] Lan's Mandarb and Moiraine's Aldieb left the Two Rivers with Bela and lived through several of the same events. Aldieb is believed to be at the Sun Palace in Cairhien.

Living or Dead

In A Memory of Light, Bela is shot by a trolloc and killed. However in the Wheel of Time Companion Bela is said to be alive. It is therefore uncertain whether or not Bela survived.


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