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Beslan Mitsobar, King of Altara, Master of the Four Winds, Guardian of the Sea of Storms, High Seat of House Mitsobar, is the current King of Altara.


Beslan is young and slender, with black eyes and long black hair.


Beslan is enthusiastic and spirited.


The loveable rebel

He befriends Matrim Cauthon during Mat's time in Altara. The pair enjoy many nights carousing in the city, despite the initial fears of reprisal Mat entertains regarding his sexual involvement with Beslan's mother, Tylin. Beslan is in fact well aware of the pairing, and approves of it.

He is with Mat when they are attacked by beggars sent by Old Cully, and when they find the Bowl of the Winds in the Rahad. During the fight in the Rahad, Beslen is injured and has to be Healed by Nynaeve al'Meara.

After the Seanchan capture Ebou Dar, he becomes more serious and begins to try and plan something against them with the help of Thomdril Merrilin. When Mat plans his escape with the captive Aes Sedai, he charges Beslan the task of getting some men to set fire to some of the food stores as a distraction. He is told by Mat to be seen drinking in a public place while all this is happening so as not to draw any suspicion. He succeeded his mother to the throne after she is murdered by a gholam.

Joining the Blood

After Suroth is disgraced and deposed, Tuon confronts Beslan on his rebellious activities. Tuon is prepared to offer him clemency if he re-swears his oaths. The alternative is to be honorably executed, since Tuon believes his rebellion to be misguided, but with the best intentions at heart. Beslan re-swears his oath and Tuon raises him to the High Blood, promising him absolute rule over Altara and unhindered access to all Seanchan activity within his borders.

Beslan is present when Melitene brings her Suffa, the former Amyrlin Seat who shows Fortuona and those gathered around her how to Travel. Beslen is forbidden to participate in Tarmon Gai'don by Fortuona, as he is to stay behind and govern Altara in her absence. He is not happy but accepts her judgement.