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Bethamin Zeami is a renegade sul'dam from Seanchan, who now acts as a novice in the traditions of the White Tower.


She is tall, dark and dark-eyed.



She is based in Falme when the Dragon first proclaims himself. During the confusion she walks in on Renna Emain and Seta Zarbey held captive by a'dam. She flees in terror to Tanchico.

While there she is captured and held captive with an a'dam by Egeanin Tamarath in Egeanin's basement.[1] She is set free by Egeanin, who, thanks to meeting Nynaeve al' Meara and Elayne Trakand, lost her prejudices against female channelers.[2]

She later joins back with the rest of the Seanchan in Ebou Dar and begins training Damane again. A seeker questions her and she lies saying that she is close friends with Egeanin, when in fact they are only acquaintances She is then charged by a Seeker to renew her friendship with Egeanin again and report all information about her back to the Seeker. She meets with Egeanin and tells her of the whole meeting with the Seeker thus committing treason.

Fleeing Ebou Dar

She is used in Egeanin and Matrim Cauthon's plan to escape Ebou Dar and is now with Valan Luca's Traveling Circus as a cover to escape Seanchan notice.

Joline Maza ties Bethamin with air, which infuriates Bethamin enough to channel actively by herself. Joline begins to slap her face which causes Mat to come in and stop her. Joline takes Bethamin under her wing and begins to teach her how to channel properly. Bethamin is now acting as a Novice of the White Tower.

Traveling with the Band

After a skirmish with Darkfriends in Maderin Mat and the rest of his group decide to leave Luca's show. While riding through Altara they meet up with the Band of the Red Hand and begin to travel with them. Joline doesn't allow her to take part in the battle between the Seanchan force that is trying to kill Tuon for the one hundred thousand gold crown reward and the Band of the Red Hand.

She leaves Mat's company and makes her way to the White Tower with Seta, Edesina and Joline. Mat tasks the Seanchan woman to learn as much as they can so they can bring back their teachings to the Seanchan Empire.