Black Hills map


The Black Hills is a region that lie between the Borderlands and the Caralain Grass. There is at least one village in this area, called Denhuir.


Three Ogier stedding, including Stedding Jentoine, are in the Black Hills.[1][2][3] Cadsuane Melaidhrin, when she was newly raised to the shawl, went to the Black Hills. There, she received a lesson in endurance and humility from a wilder named Norla. Cadsuane also won her various angreal and ter'angreal from Norla.[4][5]

Recent Activities

According to Perrin Aybara, a person could go for days and not see anyone else in the Black Hills and the Caralain Grass.[6] Mazrim Taim, a captured False Dragon at the time, escaped from the village of Denhuir. Siuan Sanche received a report to this effect soon after he escaped.[7] Aginor's persona of Corlan Dashiva is said to have grown up on a farm in the Black Hills.[8] The Black Hills is a meeting place for the Borderlander rulers when they are on their way to "deal" with Rand al'Thor.[9]


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