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Moridin 2000 Moridin 2000 16 September

Guide to Trolloc Bands

I created an illustrated one-page guide to the different Trolloc bands.

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Moridin 2000 Moridin 2000 6 September

Canonical Map Distances

  • 1 Short Version (tables only)
    • 1.1 Distances in Miles
    • 1.2 Distances in Kilometres
    • 1.3 Distances in Westlands Miles
  • 2 Long Version
    • 2.1 Problems in Measuring Distances
    • 2.2 Units of Measurement
    • 2.3 Useful distances
      • 2.3.1 Canluum to Tar Valon
      • 2.3.2 Tar Valon to the Sea
      • 2.3.3 Canluum to Tear
      • 2.3.4 City of Tear to Spine of the World
      • 2.3.5 Taren Ferry to Baerlon
      • 2.3.6 Tar Valon to Salidar
      • 2.3.7 Tairen border to Caemlyn
      • 2.3.8 Aringill to the Sea
      • 2.3.9 Caemlyn to City of Cairhien
      • 2.3.10 City of Cairhien to Ghealdan
      • 2.3.11 Width of Kabal Deep
      • 2.3.12 Abila to City of Cairhien
      • 2.3.13 Northern Amadicia to Kinslayer's Dagger
    • 2.4 Map of Above Distances
    • 2.5 Rescaling
    • 2.6 Errors
      • 2.6.1 Emond's Field to the Great Blight
      • 2.6.2 Caemlyn Road to Illian

If you want to have a list of distances between destinations a…

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Istalee82 Istalee82 1 September

Progress on the Re-read

I've culled through all descriptive information up to chapter 13!

Still amazed with how much detail RJ provides. This series is a diamond for sure!

Take a look at my Talk page for the types of details I am using to help my group build Randland in Minecraft!

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Moridin 2000 Moridin 2000 14 August

Heights and Size Comparisons Infographics

  • 1 Full Infographics
  • 2 Notes and References (left to right)
  • 3 Individual Creatures
    • 3.1 Trolloc
    • 3.2 Jumara
    • 3.3 Lopar
    • 3.4 Corlm
    • 3.5 Grolm
    • 3.6 Torm
  • 4 Table of Entries and Metric Conversions


Click for full-sized image

Metric system version:

Click for full-sized image

Note: Inclusion in the infographic does not indicate importance. There are some obscure characters picked out because of their unusual height or because they fit the scene.

Equally, some more important characters never have their height described, even in the Companion, and so do not appear. Most heights are taken from the Wheel of Time Companion (C). (BWB) is The World of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time. Some are referenced only in the books and are less exact.

Those marked * are estimates only. Se…

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Istalee82 Istalee82 8 August

Descriptive Details

  • Bullet points for descriptive details found in the book on my Talk page
  • Writing summaries of the details to be easy to read or added to respective pages
  • Going back through and adding hyperlinks to respective pages
  • Going back through and adding any references missed
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Istalee82 Istalee82 25 July


Community content is available under CC-BY-SA

Hello fellow Wheel of Time enthusiasts!

I may have finally gone off the deep end on this one (and may never have the time to see it through) but let's have a toast to beginning new things!

Picture you and me building a new world together... on MINECRAFT.

Can you picture it yet?

Here, let me help you.

A world of stackable blocks. It is nearly limitless except by your imagination; and when put into a strong-arm hold and molded into the shape of our desire (The Wheel of Time map, of course) our lives can finally be complete. OK... I know, I'm being a little bit dramatic.

Our friends at A Wheel of Time Wiki have already extrapolated several, if not all of the descriptions and verbal paintings of each town, city,…

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Moridin 2000 Moridin 2000 8 June

Hall of the Tower Infographic

I am working on this infographic to add to the Hall of the Tower page. There are some explanatory notes to be added to the main text. Not everything is referenced yet, but will be soon.

  • 1 Notes
    • 1.3 LAYOUT

The key gives the full name of each sitter, her Ajah, her age in 1000 NE and her strength level in the One Power. BA marks those women who were also Black Ajah.

Even though Egwene al'Vere was never adopted by any Ajah, she is marked as Green Ajah as she thinks of herself as Green and was informally accepted as belonging to the Green by it's Ajah Head, Adelorna Bastine.

With regards the two Blue Sitters marked by question marks, the Sitter indexed by 1 is an unnamed Bl…

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KylaraE KylaraE 3 June

FandomDesktop opt-in is LIVE

Check it out, and let me know your thoughts! Report bugs and feedback to me here.

To access the new FandomDesktop skin:

  • Go to Special:Preferences
  • In the top menu, select "Appearance"
  • Under "Skin" select "FandomDesktop"
  • Select any FandomDesktop preferences you want such as default light/dark mode, content width, and right rail collapse. (Personally I am all about that WIDE WIDTH experience.)
  • Click "Save" at the bottom

You can also opt-out the same way, just go to Special:Preferences and switch the Skin from FandomDeskop back to Oasis.

Helpful links!

  • New blog post about opt-in
  • FandomDesktop preparation guide
  • FandomDesktop highlights with links to staff blog posts
  • For admin: Blog about the customization policy

If you find a bug, please let me know about i…

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Darthelmo856 Darthelmo856 3 March


I am only doing this for the badge.

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Moridin 2000 Moridin 2000 5 January

Happy New Year!

Prior to the turning of the Wheel from 2020 to 2021, I created a Farede calendar for 2021. Anyone can share and print this if they so wish. Suggestions for other dates or for corrections welcome. Can be found at the following link:


Best wishes, Chris

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KylaraE KylaraE 16 October 2020

Separating TV series coverage

Hello again, everyone! Thanks to the users who contributed to our previous discussion about where to best cover the TV series content. Your feedback has helped shape how the TV series will be documented, which is that it should be on a separate wiki. So here's what we do next to ensure this will work!

First, the TV series will primarily be documented on the (other) Wheel of Time Wiki, which was created last year specifically for the TV series.

Second, we will develop a strong inter-linking strategy between these two wikis to prevent duplicative coverage. Users on the TV series wiki will be directed to this wiki if they want to learn more about the book series content, and users on this wiki will be directed to the TV series wiki if they want t…

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KylaraE KylaraE 6 October 2020

Wiki coverage of the TV series

Hello WoT community! I'm Kylara, a

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Crazycarl864 Crazycarl864 30 June 2020

Daily Contribution Counter

Is it just me or is there a bug with the achievement counter that counts consecutive days of contributions to the wiki? I've had it reset at least 3 times on days that I contributed. I'm not sure if I'm just doing something wrong, or maybe there's some time-zone shenanigans going on? Has anyone else run into this problem?

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Thelittlegunnerboy Thelittlegunnerboy 27 March 2020

Perrin married?


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Thelittlegunnerboy Thelittlegunnerboy 19 March 2020

WoT filming may be truncated.

Well, crap. It looks like filming for the first season may be delayed or truncated because of the virus concerns in Europe. I hope everyone is being safe over there, and hopefully most of the shooting was done already and most of the post-production can be done safely.


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Thelittlegunnerboy Thelittlegunnerboy 18 March 2020

Dragonmount issue

How is it that Lews Therin made dragonmount after ceiling the dark one and the forsaken into thier prison yet he was still talking to Ishamael after all of that happened?

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Thelittlegunnerboy Thelittlegunnerboy 17 March 2020


Jacob here. I picked up TEOTW at my college pool in Dallas in 1997. Someone had left it there, so I started reading it because it was super slow that today at the pool. By the end of my shift I was hooked and went out and bought the first three books in the series. After that, I bought the next book every time I went to a bookstore store, and had nothing to do until the latest books had come out. I was crushed when I heard that Robert had died, and I had a rather dark day, filled with much imbibing and rereading my favorite passages from the first trilogy.

I am still working on some percussion pieces that I am composing as I graduated with a music degree in percussion. I will dedicate the first three to Robert. One piece for every book he w…

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Lightningbarer Lightningbarer 24 November 2019

The Wheel Community to Grow with the Amazon Series

With the coming series from Amazon, we'll get a lot of new people flooding the wikia and creating changes that will align more with the TV series than the books.

I personally think that a set of separate pages should be made for the tv series compared to the books, adding a link to the book or TV series version per article.

An example is found here on the Ben 10 wikia https://ben10.fandom.com/wiki/Ben_10_Planet it separates the continuity from an original version and a reboot.

As there are definitely going to be changes to to certain aspects of the story, I don't think adding live action character images to the pages would be better for this wikia as it is, as with the changes we'll see the original and true to the book continuity damaged.


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Sophiae.seraphim Sophiae.seraphim 21 October 2018

Who is the Broken Champion

Argument against that:  

The Lord of the Evening and the Lord of the Morning (Ishamael and the Dragon ) are both bound to the Wheel. They are continuously woven back to the Pattern Age after Age with their remembering soul. Ishamael always remembers to everything what was and what comes, while the Dragon is doomed to a slow process of gaining back his memories and more times he fails then succeeds. (ref. B2.ch37)  

"We are tied together as surely as two sides of the same coin."

— Ba'alzamon to Rand, The Great Hunt, Ch.15.

Demandred might be also bound to the Wheel, Forsakens' knowledge and life circulation is unclear to me. But Lan definitely isn't so he cannot be the Broken Champion.  Most likely the Broken Champion refers to the Dragon in th…

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Servant of All Servant of All 17 April 2018

Character Section Headers

As this wiki has developed over the years I'm beginning to note how it has pushed past the original constraints placed upon it. I speak specifically of section headers for characters. If one was to dig back into the rules that chartered the wiki in 2005 there is mention made of the "AHA" acronym when it comes to building pages for characters. This refers to the 3 primary section headers for a character:

  • Appearance
  • History
  • Activities

The idea being that these three headers were all a person needed to compress the details of a character into one succinct page. But as time has moved on this schema has proven - at least to me - to be insufficient. Characters have personalities. They have unique skills. Sometimes they leave behind legacies t…

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Ninjatacoshell Ninjatacoshell 15 November 2017

The Balefire Paradox

When Androl Genhald was trying to prevent Logain from being Turned, Mazrim Taim shot a blast of balefire at him. Androl had trouble making a Gateway because of the dreamspike, but because of his Talent he was able to create one the size of a coin. Taim's balefire went through the Gateway and Androl escaped unharmed.

We are never told where Androl sent Taim's balefire. My question is: What if Androl had opened the other end of the gateway only a short distance away so that the balefire hit Taim himself? The balefire would erase Taim backwards in time, so that some of his actions never happened…including shooting the balefire! And if he never shot the balefire in the first place, then he can't be destroyed by it!

To complicate matters, somethi…

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Lothair Mantelar Lothair Mantelar 28 August 2015

Substitiute Dragon

Demandred never turned evilmhe just went over to the Shadow to enact revenge on LTT. So,if he succedded,i thnik he would switch sides again and become the new Dragon. Also he said he would kill anybody who kills Rand,so I think if DO succedeed in killing Rand in the first 4-5 books,he would switch over to the Light once more to enact revenge on the DO. It is also stated that the difference betwwen the two is almost inexisting,so Demandred would be a fine replacement.

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-kay- -kay- 17 January 2015

Missing characters

I would to discuss about the characters that are missing in AMOL:

the first that I have in mind is Lord Dobraine Taborwin, we read about him last time in Tear in Book 12



Lady Shiaine/Mili Skane?

Sharina Melloy?


the former damane and sul'dam captured by Rand in Altara and given to the Kin for reformation: are they somehow usueful in the last battle??

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-kay- -kay- 12 January 2015

Moghedien cour'souvra

So at the end of the Last Battle Moghedien was captured as damane and brought to Ebou Dar. But the former forsaken was also chained by her cour'sovra that Moridin granted to her in their last meeting.

Now I would ask: the Mind'trap is it still functioning after the new sealing of Shai'tan? If it is so Moghedien can't be kept as a normal damane. She has to explain how the object is working because if it is brocken she will loose totally her mind.

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Quayzy Quayzy 4 January 2015


Wow, I had started reading The Wheel of Time when The Dragon Reborn was originally released in paperback (obviously had to go get the first two BEFORE reading it, but ...).  I had forgotten how good this series really is.  Don't get me wrong, I have foamed at the mouth until I could get each of the books as they came out (sometimes having to wait a week before I could buy them).  But as I start on a re-reading of the entire series, it is amazing to me how so many plot threads start in The Eye of the World that are resolved at the very end of the series.  

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Jodian Jodian 24 April 2014

Fan Fiction?

I am confused.  I have seen interviews that quote Robert Jordon as being strongly anti fan fiction.  Yet fan fiction is a suggested topic for blog posts here...

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Zippo Sei'Cair Zippo Sei'Cair 16 April 2014

Anyone home?

Surprised it took me so long to make an account here, unfortunately it seems that a lot of WoT inspired social networks seem to be failing, I blame it on the Dark One's influence, in spite of the happenings in the final book(dear Creator please don't let it be the last book, let rumors and speculation be true, let us further explore Rigney's world.) Anyway, say hi, I have a similar name on Dragonmount.com(ZippoSeiCair).

May the Creator shelter you.

     Zippo Sei'Cair.

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AbusiveUncleJoe AbusiveUncleJoe 18 February 2014

OMG The Chamber Pots, people, The Chamber Pots

This is the absolute best WoT Music there is. Its incredable. Thought you should know.


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Servant of All Servant of All 5 February 2014


Well now,

As a first blog entry I guess I will talk about the subject that has interested me the most over the years: Manetheren. I adore the back stories that make up the era called "after the breaking" and I wish Jordan had explored more of the rich history available. Sadly in his golden chance to write about it in the expanded universe, Manetheren was granted a whole two pages. The Trolloc Wars were given about the same amount of attention.

I started working on Manetheren related pages in early 2011 but my career got in the way of wiki free-time so I was forced to halt my efforts for a little while. I authored the page for the Battle of the Tarendrelle River and was humbled when I was on other fansites and found it referenced as an ex…

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ASisterOfTheBlue ASisterOfTheBlue 1 January 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year folks!

A sister of the Blue here. Nothing important to share, no new revelations that need to be written. I just want to wish this amazing community a Happy New Year, or as we say it where I come from, Gott nytt år!

ASisterOfTheBlue (talk) 10:15, January 1, 2014 (UTC)

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Lothair Mantelar Lothair Mantelar 25 December 2013

Cadsuane's true worth

Do you think Cadsuane could become as legendary as she is if she lived in the Age of Legends? Would she get a third name and become so revered,or she would be just a mediocre member of an advanced society? I think she would be as legendary then as she is now,but want to deal with this dilemma once and for all.
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Lothair Mantelar Lothair Mantelar 22 November 2013


Will Rand ever reveal himself to Mat,Perrin and others,one day? Has he forgotten his friends?

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Lothair Mantelar Lothair Mantelar 6 November 2013

Moiraine Damodred

What do you think what will Thom and Moiraine do after LB? Her mission is over,but his has just begun. Will Moraine be able to accept the fact that the Battle is over,and find herself a new cause so needed to Blue Sisters?

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Rmmateus Rmmateus 1 November 2013

Keeper of the Chronicles

Who do you think it would be the Keeper of the Chronicles under Cadsuane Melaidhrin? I think she would not have chosen someone from the Green Ajah. I think she would choose Saerin Asnobar, she has influence around many Aes Sedai and she was one of the sisters that persuaded her to the office.

What do you say?

Rmmateus (talk) 17:12, November 1, 2013 (UTC)

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Lothair Mantelar Lothair Mantelar 18 October 2013

Lothair Mantelar

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Rmmateus Rmmateus 15 October 2013

Min's future

Now that everything is fine and the Dark One sealed away everyone returns to their normal life. Aes Sedai return to their Aes Sedai life, Asha'man the same and so on. Elayne has Andor and Cairhien to take care of, Aviendha is now a Wise One, but what about Min? What is she going to do?

Can you think of any other characters who are in the same situation? I only ask because it is a great mistery for me.

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MsSuperFan MsSuperFan 19 September 2013

A few actors

Pedron Nial:




For some good ideas: 


Anybody know good ones for Androl & Pevara?

I really wished we could have seen more of them and there unique bond...

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MsSuperFan MsSuperFan 19 September 2013

The pipe?

Just finished the last book... omgsoawesome

Anyway, at the end when Rand (in the form of Moridin) walks away, he tries to  light his pipe with Saidin but he doesn't have the ability in him anymore? And then he lights it by thinking of it... How?

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ASisterOfTheBlue ASisterOfTheBlue 4 September 2013

People we were happy to see go

Every thread in the Pattern is necessary to its build and its survival. Every thread in the Pattern has a function to fill; the function may be altered, influenced to do good or do evil by Creator and Dark One respectively, but the function of the thread remains.

However, sometimes, even we faithful readers riding on the winds of time must be allowed to gloat in someone's death or disappearance. So here's my personal list of people I was glad to see go:

  • Elaida do Avriny a'Roihan, number one on any of my lists. I held a deep and personal grudge against Elaida for what she did to Siuan Sanche. Light and silverpikes, but I respected that woman.
  • Alviarin Freidhen received a fitting end.
  • Duhara Basaheen was a pain in the butt that I laughed to see …

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Rmmateus Rmmateus 3 September 2013


I have been wondering if Traveling could be used to go somewhere else than we know. If it is possible to Travel to Tel'aran'rhiod through a gateway, is it also possible to Travel to other worlds like the one Rand enters in the Portal Stone? Also, is it possible to enter the Ways through a gateway instead of a Waygate? I know there is no point in doing the latter because if you can Travel you won't need the Ways.

Just something to think about.

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ASisterOfTheBlue ASisterOfTheBlue 28 August 2013

Supposed Darkfriends

And here I am again, your favourite sister of the Blue is back on the track with another blogpost. This time it concerns people who I was absolutely convinced were Darkfriends. 

Number one on the list is Sorilea. She was one of the characters who were central enough to show up so often - in a Light-serving, positive manner - that she could rarely be suspected of another allegiance. However, as Shaidar Haran had Elza Penfell remove the wards surrounding the male a'dam, I was convinced Sorilea - who had been shown the wards by Cadsuane - had finally spilled the guts to us, showing her true allegiance. Too bad I pinned out wrong. I still think the case went unresolved. Also, her interest in the Car'a'carn was a bit too great to be entirely witho…

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MsSuperFan MsSuperFan 19 August 2013

A small question

I just wondered: 

We know that Aes Sedai can't lie unless their oaths have been overruled by pledging to the Dark One. But... the AS that can't lie, can they lie on paper? Like, can they send letters with lies in them? 

Just wondering... ;)

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Matrim88 Matrim88 18 August 2013

How come no one ever talks about baby myrddraal?

I just think it odd to even imagine an infant or young myrddraal. Do any of you have any thoughts on the subject? 

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ASisterOfTheBlue ASisterOfTheBlue 14 August 2013

Was saidin cleansed once already?

Dear colleagues and fellow faithful readers,

It is me a great pleasure to present my latest theory on the One Power to you. It concerns the cleansing of saidin, which took place in 1000 NE.

It is clearly stated by Moiraine in 998 already, chapter 50 of the Eye of the World, that the saidin inside the Eye is pure to channel, having been purified by a hundred male and female Aes Sedai working together, all of them dying while doing so. 

Unfortunately we possess far too little information to be absolutely sure, but I believe that this gave Rand the initial idea, once he had calmed down a bit and thought of it again, of cleansing saidin. Secondly, I believe the Aes Sedai who cleansed the Eye already used the right method - to filter saidin throug…

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ASisterOfTheBlue ASisterOfTheBlue 13 August 2013


Androl! Pevara! Oh, my darlings!

I'm sorry. I just wanted to make sure my feelings on this subject is clear. Androl and Pevara are the absolutely cutest couple in the entire freaking series. Screw Rand and his women, Nynaeve and Lan, Perrin and Faile - although that one is kind of touching- and I always found Gawyn an absolute spoiled, overconfident, ignorant prick and unworthy of Egwene's majesty. Androl and Pevara!

I'm not sure what's so awesomely beautiful about them. Maybe the way they think of one another once their double bond is in place. Maybe the fact that the Asha'man for long were convinced they couldn't ever love because of their nature, and that the Red are taught to despise and distrust men. I was just really, really happy with…

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ASisterOfTheBlue ASisterOfTheBlue 5 August 2013

The nature of the Pattern concerning reincarnation

Alright, kidos, buckle up for some advanced philosophy concerned with our favourite fantasy series. It is concerned with the nature of the Pattern and the reincarnation of human souls into another mortal, bodily husk.

It is fairly well known that the Pattern is built from human souls, and that every human alive possesses a soul, which is another thread in the Pattern. The threads are constanly spinning the Pattern, with and around each other, as the decisions of the people they are affect them and other threads in return, creating ripples across the Web of Ages that originate from any thread, affecting them all. It is also fairly well known that everyone is reborn, that everyone's thread is spun in the Pattern again.

The question of many peo…

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Tycio Tycio 30 June 2013

Pillow friends

The revelation of what a pillow friend is (I did manage to figure this out on my own, eventually, by Knife of Dreams) is epic. I apparently read both New Spring and Winter's Heart without picking up on it though. It makes me wonder if I glossed over any other mentions.

If anyone has a text copy of this series doing a 'pillow friend' text search to find every reference would be pretty cool.

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MsSuperFan MsSuperFan 19 June 2013

The Movie?

So I know that evrybody thinks a movie would be a disaster, and it certainly would be. There are just to many books and the movies would have to cram in stuff and let important details away that make the book as it is... It would probably turn out like The Hunger Games did. I thought the books were great but the movie lesser. It was more a movie for the people who had actually read the book, than for the not-readers. 

But anyway, that's not what I wanted to hear from you... 

Who do you think would star well in the movie, based on the characters personality and looks?

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CalzoneManiac CalzoneManiac 28 April 2013

What rating is this?

I'm wondering.

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AbusiveUncleJoe AbusiveUncleJoe 19 April 2013

Vote Aviendha for hero!

So while I've reread individual books before, I'm just now doing a start to finish reread. Half way through The shadow rising I found myself looking forward to Aviendha chapters, something that never happened before. I've kinda taken over her page these last few days, fulling out details and working on some POV and verb tense issues.

Anyone else feel indifferent to characters the first time through but then come to love them later?

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