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For others with the same surname, see Cauthon.

Bodewhin "Bode" Cauthon is a novice of the White Tower. She is the daughter of Abell and Natti Cauthon, the younger sister of Mat Cauthon and the older sister of Eldrin Cauthon, and has two other sisters whose names are unknown.[2]


She is "plumply pretty", with long braided hair and "a mischievous something" around her big eyes that looks like Mat.[1]


She was born with the spark. In "The Wheel of Time Companion" Bode's potential level of strength is described close to that of Egwene, and so using the scale given there Bode's strength is between the levels 9(+4) and 8(+5).

Romanda thinks that Bode is very intelligent, though would not be suitable for the Yellow Ajah. Bode wants to live adventure, and was headed in the direction of the Blue Ajah or the Green Ajah.


Bode has the talent to make cuendillar. Among the rebels she is the best after Egwene in using these recently rediscovered weaves.


Made captive

When the Whitecloaks come to the Two Rivers, she along with her mother and sister are taken prisoner by them. She is rescued by Perrin Aybara[3] and then takes part in the Emond's Field defense when the Trollocs attack. With help from her sister Eldrin, she kills a Trolloc with a wood-axe.[4]

To the Tower

She is among the three girls born with the spark and found in the Two Rivers by Verin Mathwin and Alanna Mosvani and so suited for Tower training. They travel to Caemlyn and meet Rand al'Thor in an inn there. Alanna tells her who Rand is and on discovering Rand is the Dragon Reborn she gets angry and calls him big headed, a liar and a fool. Rand wearily tells her he is the Dragon Reborn and lifts Bode and the others with weaves of air. He gives the girls a huge scare and causes most of them to cry.

The plan

Bode later turns up with the other novices in the Rebel Aes Sedai camp. Her potential strength in the One Power is nearly as great as Egwene al'Vere's. She has a Talent for making cuendillar and is often sent to the cuendillar tents to continue practicing the weave.

Bode is supposed to replace Kairen Stang in the plan to convert the iron chains in the Tar Valon harbor to cuendillar, but she is replaced at the last minute by Egwene, who thinks it is not right to ask a novice to undertake such a dangerous task.

She later cleans Romanda Cassin's tent.

Romanda takes notice of her, but thinks that she wants to experience adventure and therefore won't be choosing the Yellow when she wins her shawl. She leaves the thought behind after she tells herself that there are other, more promising girls that may be more open to her Ajah's way of thinking.


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