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Caembarin was a kingdom of the Free Years. It was founded after the end of the Trolloc Wars, and was established on the former territory of Coremanda. It was later absorbed by the growing might of Artur Hawkwing's Empire. Caembarin was one of the strongest nations of its day and fielded a large army. The lands it once held are now controlled by eastern Andor and the easternmost part of Murandy.


In red location within the Westlands

Caembarin lay near the center of the Westlands and was bordered by the River Erinin to the east, the River Luan to the north, and Caralain Grass to the northwest. Its western border lay just west of the River Cary. Its neighbors were Aldeshar to the west, Dal Calain to the northwest, Tar Valon to the north, Shandalle to the east, and Nerevan to the south.

It is possible and likely that Caemlyn served as the capital of Caembarin and gave the nation its name, but this is not confirmed. The modern cities and towns of New Braem and Aringill also lay within Caembarin's territory.


Caembarin was a militarily powerful kingdom and seemingly on good terms with the Aes Sedai. Queen Nesaline of Caembarin sent troops to the War of the Second Dragon, and at the urging of the Amyrlin Seat Bonwhin Meraighdin also launched an invasion of Shandalle in FY 943 which was thrown back by Artur Hawkwing. Caembarin was one of the first kingdoms to fall to Hawkwing's advance.

Caembarin and Aldeshar were unified to form the Province of Andor following the Consolidation, with the provincial capital at Caemlyn. After Hawkwing's death in FY 994, Andor declared independence under Queen Ishara Casalain and became a sovereign nation.

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