The city of Canluum.

Canluum (pronounced: cahn-LOOM) is a small city located in the kingdom of Kandor, approximately fifty miles west of the border with Arafel on the main road to Chachin, capital of Kandor. Sprawling across several hills, it is defended by a thick wall and a dry moat fifty paces wide and ten deep, spanned by five stone bridges. The city itself mostly consists of stone or brick buildings. The city is wealthy, both for its location on one of the main trade routes to the capital and also for the gemstones mined from the surrounding hills. The city has a less savory area along the northern wall, a warren of narrow streets, small inns and shops called the Deeps, where cutpurses work.

In 979 NE the city was administered by Lord Varan Marcasiev, whose Red Stag banner was proudly displayed on pennants fluttering from every tower. His fortress-like palace was located on top of the largest hill, Stag's Stand.

Inns in the city include the Blue Rose, in the Deeps, and the Gates of Heaven, at the foot of the Stand in a more upmarket area with shops and eateries catering to the nobility and richer merchant classes.

In 979 NE Moiraine Damodred visited the city during the early part of her search for the Dragon Reborn, and had an unpleasant encounter with Cadsuane Melaidhrin there. She met al'Lan Mandragoran for the first time not far from the city on the main road to Chachin.

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