Rand becoming the car'a'carn.

The Car'a'carn ("Chief of chiefs" in the Old Tongue) is the Aiel term for the one who will lead all Aiel, in accordance with the Prophecy of Rhuidean.[1]

When a man wishes to become a chief of one of the Aiel clans, he must go to Rhuidean and walk through the glass-column ter'angreal to relive the history of the Aiel. Should he survive the experience, he is marked with a Dragon entwined about his left arm. It is this marking which designates him a chief.

The Car'a'carn is in turn marked by having a Dragon on each arm. Prior to Rand al'Thor, the Aiel have never had a Car'a'carn. It is unknown whether the Car'a'carn necessarily needs to also be He Who Comes With the Dawn.

The Car'a'carn is not the same as a king in one of the nations west of the Dragonwall. He is, at best, first among equals.


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