Caralain Grass map


The Caralain Grass is an extensive area of plains lying almost in the exact center of the Westlands, roughly equidistant from the Great Blight, the Aryth Ocean, the Spine of the World and the Sea of Storms. At its widest extent, Caralin Grass extends for almost a thousand miles.

The plain is bordered by the River Haevin to the west, the Black Hills to the north and Braem Wood, the River Erinin and the River Luan to the east, and the kingdom of Andor to the south.[1]

Caralain Grass was once inhabited, with the kingdom of Coremanda (one of the Ten Nations destroyed in the Trolloc Wars) claiming its full extent. It was later divided between the kingdoms of Dal Calain, Aldeshar and Caembarin during the Free Years. During the time of Artur Hawkwing's Empire, the High King planned to build his capital on Caralain Grass, at the heart of the continent, but he died before this plan could be carried out. A great statue was erected in his honor, but this was pulled down during the subsequent fighting.

After the War of the Hundred Years, the plains were claimed by the kingdom of Caralain, but Caralain grew desolate and depopulated, fading away after several centuries.

Today Caralain Grass is largely unsettled, and few venture across it save occasional caravans of the Tuatha'an.


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