EWoT: Caraline Damodred

For the similarly named Andoran caretaker of House Bryne's residence, see Caralin.

Caraline Damodred is the current High Seat of House Damodred.[1]


Caraline strongly resembles her cousin Moiraine Damodred, but has a sultry voice. She is short and slim with a pale complexion and long black hair to her shoulders. She has worn two different kesiera, one with a clear green stone[2] and one with a ruby.[3] She has large dark eyes.


Caraline Damodred was one of the nobles that gathered in rebellion in Cairhien to oppose the Dragon Reborn. She meets Rand al'Thor when he comes in secret to the Spine of the World. She tries to protect him when he meets both Darlin Sisnera and Toram Riatin and introduces Rand to both as her cousin. She seems to have changed her mind on Rand and becomes very concerned when Rand is stabbed by Padan Fain with the Shadar Logoth dagger as they are fleeing to safety when a Bubble of evil erupts. She seems interested in Darlin but is playing hard to get.

Cadsuane Melaidhrin takes Caraline under her protection and keeps her in Lady Arilyn's palace in Cairhien.

She is finally let go, and accompanies Darlin back to Tear. She is present when Rand arrives in the Stone of Tear to meet with Darlin. Bera Harkin arrives to inform that the High Lords of Tear who were laying siege to the Stone will withdraw with the condition that Darlin becomes King. Darlin asks Caraline to marry him, which she doesn't reply to.

She greets Rand with King Darlin when Rand withdraws his forces from Arad Doman back into Tear.


Min has had a viewing that Caraline will marry Darlin and that she will outlive him.


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